Why Most Goals Don’t Work

The Truth about why most goals don’t work has not always been readily avail"goals don't work"able to us.  Every year especially around New Years we start thinking about how we want this year to be different than last year.  Typically we decide to make some giant goals for ourselves.

Now I’m going to say this with caution. Don’t make a single goal! What? Why?

See most of us don’t hit ALL our goals. Most entrepreneurs miss out on this critical step to achieving and therefore their goals don’t work. Watch today’s video on Why Most Goals Don’t Work.

Why Goals Don’t Work and The Missing Link

I do this multiple times a year, I want to say probably every 2 months I actually sit down and start casting a greater vision for myself. Not because your addicted to achieving, but because the power of this step I’m sharing pulls you to accomplish and hit the goals faster than normal.  When that happens and you hit your goals its now FUN, casting a vision for yourself with the step of making decisions instead of Goals.

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