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Home meetings to grow your network marketing business are one of the most effective and replicable profit producing activities you can do, period.  Everyone has a home and a TV so everyone can do home meetings, pretty cool.  If you have never done one before here are some tips on what NOT TO DO.  The best way to share this is tell you a story about my friend, lets call him Hasty Harry…

Home Based Business Meetings

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Hasty Harry just started his new business and is getting ready to have his Grand Opening, his first home meeting!  Hasty Harry is excited to say the least.  Harry and his sponsor will be doing the meeting together.  His sponsor told him:

  •  Make a list of 100 people and invite them all. We are shooting for 10-20 people to attend.
  • Tell them you started your own business, your having a grand opening and would like them to come to your get together to share what your doing and support you.  You don’t have enough time to go into the details but just come to your get together.
  • Let the sponsor run the meeting and just pay attention and watch what I do, consider tonight as practice

The thought of 100 people being in Hasty Harry’s house was a little alarming.  So Harry decided he would call 20 people instead.  That’s more than enough people to be at my house…so he thought.  Out of the 20 people he called 15 said they would come, wow! Harry was pumped even more than before!  Harry told his sponsor, “don’t worry I have great friends and they will all be there.”

Harry didn’t count on last minute cancellations and no shows.  The people said they would be there right!?  Well its now 7:15 and we are 15 minutes late to start Harry’s meeting.  4 guests have showed up on time.  Even though people got there on time, harry is too concerned with all the people who aren’t there! The guests seem a little put off by this, understandably so, they are there on time and are ready to see what Harry is so excited about.  Harry is kinda sad and depressed by all the no shows, but continues on with the meeting.

Harry’s Sponsor is very supportive and comes over to do a live presentation, pretty cool. (we usually use DVDs or live presentation).  The presentation is going along great, but Harry keeps interjecting and asking questions about pay plan, training, and minute details.  Harry’s wife is walking back in forth in front of the presenter to go out for smoke breaks, is cooking food in the background, and yelling at the kids.  Holy cow, not sure if Harry told the family whats going on tonight.  Harry is being pretty hasty and doesn’t realize that this is the time for his guests to check out his business.

The presentation is over now and despite all that’s happening.  There are some people that want to get started! Awesome!  Harry hasn’t printed out any applications, figured he’d sign everyone up online or give them the website and they would sign up later.  Several people say they are ready and are given the website.  The next day Harry looks in his back office and no one has signed up.  After he makes some calls, Harry finds that they have changed their minds.  Harry says to himself, ” I knew I should have had the applications ready.”

Now there are some guest that said this is not a fit for them.  Harry is confused, he doesn’t understand why all his friends are not jumping in.  After all this is the greatest business eve; Harry is very passionate.  Harry begins to ask people why they aren’t doing it, he tries to talk them into it, (he sounds like a car salesman).  Harry doesn’t realize that this is not very replicable and should only bring in people that actually want to be part of his business and are excited.  His sponsor is confused on why Harry isn’t letting the system and tools do the work for him.

Harry ends the night with some confusion, frustration, but still is optimistic.  At the least Harry has learned some important lessons.  What lessons have you learned from your own experience and this post?


What did you learn? What did you take away? Comment below to let me know

Have an awesome one!

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