How To Help Other Network Marketers

How To Help Other Network Marketers

Too Often while building our business we meet other network marketers in different companies and do nothing.  What I mean is this, if a realtor meets another realtor the focus on the conversation is not for the other realtor to switch brokerages and come work with the new realtor. NO! In network marketing that’s how a lot of us operate, its wrong, selfish, and unethical.  The goal of your conversation should be to help someone, just because they are in a different company doesn’t mean you can’t have a professional relationship with them!?

Help MLM and Network Marketing Recruiters

Just help and serve people freely just like Jesus did. And I don’t know about you but I dont think there is anyone in the world who has built a bigger downline than Jesus lol. OK a little humor but you get the point.

Maybe you have a script, a tip, a video, affiliate product, or system that can help someone, another network marketer. Have pure intentions to help someone, often times they will come back to you in the future as a bi-product of your service to them.

A good principle I follow is found here:

Where I learn my marketing and recruiting skills/strategies is here:

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  • Michael Haase

    December 6, 2014

    Good video Ron. I’ve learned a lot from your teachings and you do lead by example. Keep up the good work.

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