Higdon, Hochman, Falcone, Jerry Clark, and Noah St. John Mastermind Event

Higdon, Hochman, Falcone, Jerry Clark, and Noah St. John Mastermind Event


This past weekend was Ray Higdon’s Home Based Business Entrepreneurial Mastermind Event in SWFL.  This event was unlike any other I have attended.  We got the big events like Live the Dream and No Excuses Summit every year but there is nothing like having an intimate setting with powerful industry leaders.  This kind of event takes years off the learning curve and leaps can occur in your life and business.  Too many A-ha moments to mention so I’ll just tell ya what went down this weekend.

Todd Falcone

To"Todd Falcone"dd Falcone is one of the most successful, experienced network marketers and trainers in the industry.  Been a full time networker for over 22 years!  He is one of the world’s greatest MLM trainers to date and focuses on prospecting and recruiting.  He has a pretty sick strategy for recruiting professionals.  Todd revealed his entire history in MLM which he included what companies he was in and how he built them.  Never before have I had anyone, especially a big dog like Todd, pull back the curtains and reveal some coveted secrets.  I’m a big fan of Todd’s and practice all of his scripts, trainings, and resources.  I actually bought every single thing Todd offered.  Because I want his results.  Check this guy out if you want to sponsor more quality people.

Diane Hochman

"diane hochman"Diane is powerhouse entrepreneurial machine and been a stay at home mom for the past 12 years.  Since then Diane has expanded into affiliate marketing, coaching, information marketing and training and speaking.   Much respect for her.  So I thought Diane was going to talk about marketing you know but she took things to a deeper level that really struck home for me.  The gist was this, you can have all the technical know how in the world, like facebook fan pages, ppc, seo, a b c l m n o p, fancy talking, or great blogging or whatever but what good is all of that if you have some issues in your head.  It is almost a detriment to you if you don’t invest in personal development.  You have heard people say that 90% of the battle is in your mind, well if that’s the case where should I spend most of my time improving?  Diane helped us realize that every issue we think we have in our home based business comes down to some kind of fear in your mind.  If you can get to the root of that fear and recognize it, then you can deal with it and get rid of it forever.  Real leaders recognize feelings as just feelings and move past them.  Diane gave us this example: when you have an issue its like you have a whole, and you need some cottage cheese to fill or Spackle that whole up.  Leaders are like cottage cheese and having a coach or mentor to patch you up every once in awhile is an invaluable resource.  Check Diane out here.

Jerry Clark

Je"jerry clark"rry Clark is one of the worlds greatest entrepreneurs.  This guy actually used to travel the world 7 times a year speaking and training on sales, marketing, mlm, personality types, people, and many many more things.  He is like a 1 stop shop for getting yourself and your head together.  Delivered incredible incredible stuff which I bought all of his products as well and signed up for coaching with him.

Noah St. John

N"Noah St. John"oah St. John is one of America’s best selling authors. I believe his books are in 12 different languages.  He is also one of the world’s leading experts on dealing with “head trash” (negative thinking and issues).  His book Secret Code of Success changed my life once I read it.  I have blogged about Noah before in the past here.  We literally watched him help people get unstuck.


"Matt Milligan"Matt Milligan

Matt Milligan is an inspiring photographer with some great talent.  He came to speak from make a wish foundation and share what it has done for him.  Matt is an inspiring young man.  Born with Cerebral Palsy, he’s overcoming tremendous odds to work toward his goal of being a photojournalist. He’s now 16 & dreams of working for NatGeo.Check out his Facebook Fan Page Matt Milligan Photography

Ray Higdon

"Ray Higdon" "jess higdon" "ron gelok"Ray Higdon closed the event up and brought incredible value and insight into what it takes to be a top producer and MLM Leader.  I’m blessed to have this guy as my friend and sponsor.  Ray put on this event and can’t believe it was only $89 for this event.  If this was a real estate event, easily would have been $5,000.  When I was a real estate investor I used to spend between $20,000 – $40,000 a year on seminars and education.  I’m pretty sure this MLM Mastermind sold out in like a day or two.  There will be upcoming events and I encourage anyone who is serious to attend.  By going to live events you do something that over 90% of the people in network marketing don’t do.  Be a leader and do what leaders do.

Bottom line is when you are willing to invest in yourself and apply/implement what you learn you will have the results that you desire.  Look at the people that have done and have what you want to have (not talking materialistic here, talking lifestyle) and do what they do.

V.I.P"mlm event". Party

S"mlm event"oo much fun hanging out with the speakers, networking, and masterminding.  Some craziness in Ray’s pool which I guess you just had to be there for.  Some of the best “A-Ha” moments occur when your talking things out with other networkers.  I mean what would you be willing to pay to be in a room with about 100 network marketers from different companies and experiences to mastermind with right!? Duh no brainer.  In closing, this weekend was awesome and have fun watching the change that takes place in my business due to this event.  Oh and check out this awesome cake on the right!

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  • Noah St. John

    January 31, 2012

    Hi Ron: Noah St. John here – thanks for the post and the cool photos.

    Yes, Ray’s event was truly amazing. It was a pleasure to hear all the great speakers and help people get “unstuck” right there on the spot.

    Look forward to seeing you in Tampa —


    Keep me posted and keep afforming!

  • Ron Gelok

    January 31, 2012

    @Noah St. John – It was def a great time bud, see you again soon!

  • Ray Higdon

    January 31, 2012

    YOU ROCK, good seeing you

  • DeQuarius

    January 31, 2012

    Hey Ron, Hate That I missed this one, the tickets were already sold out before I could go. Make sure to buy my tickets for the next event.. Look forward to connecting in person my friend


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