How 10¢ a Day Creates Consistent Results in your Home Business

How 10¢ a Day Creates Consistent

Results in your Home Business

At your job or business you know what tasks and activities you do on a daily basis.  We know why we do them and we know why they work.  In our industry I am sure you have heard people talk about having “your why.”  Thats fine and dandy but its not whats going to keep you going consistently through the speed bumps of Network Marketing.  If you noticed, everyone has a “Why,” well why haven’t they accomplished the why yet? Here is how to make your why become a reality.

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In order to have your why become a reality you need to create consistent results.  This is done by having a daily plan of action.  Industry legend and giant Larry Thompson taught the simple strategy of 10 pennies.  Larry Thompson is one of the founders of herbalife and has earned over 100million as a rep in the field.  He achieved those pay levels with 10¢ a Day.

How Can 10¢ a Day Give Me Consistent Results?

Larry Would everyday have 10 pennies in his right pocket and his goal is to move the pennies over to the left pocket.  You can move 1 penny every time you prospect someone about your business.  Larry would not go home until he moved his 10 pennies.  Now if your only working 5 days a week, thats 50 people a week you are prospecting, 52 weeks a year, that’s 2600 people a year! I like having something tangible in my hands that’s reminding me all day long to prospect.  This made Larry Thompson focused on moving his pennies, not on the outcome or the addiction of recruiting another representative.

You see Larry knew this would work for him.  Larry had his why but more importantly he knew that this simple 10 pennies a day as an mlm daily plan of action would work.  Why does it work?

Why Does 10¢ a Day a Work?

When you are focused on just moving pennies, your focus shifts from addiction and lack of signing someone up to a profit producing activity. This concept of daily mlm action plan will help you to prospect 2600 people a year.  All your committing to is prospecting nothing more. This is the #1 profit producing activity that will grow your business and get you paid, bottom line. I did a detailed company training on Daily MLM Plan of Action and How to Talk to 30 people a day for my primary business, look at this VIDEO POST for more.  It doesn’t matter how you talk to 10 people a day, just matters that you do it.

Need prospecting tips?  Here is my free video on 10 Proven Prospecting Tricks.

Be Blessed!

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