How Did Everyone Around You Change?

How Did Everyone

Around You Change?

Ever have a pair of pants that fits just right and then one day you can’t even get the zipper up?  Well if you do your quite uncomfortable but you look pretty darn snazzy in those jeans.  So go throughout the day being uncomfortable.  Those pants were uncomfortable because you have done some growing.

In your home based business whenever I have experienced massive growth I was uncomfortable.  I had to step outside of my comfort zone in order do something great.  If it was easy everyone would do it.  When you are uncomfortable your doing something new and your putting yourself out there to make things happen.  If you stay still and don’t get into action that is comfortable.  You see the masses of the population will pat you on the back and tell you “its ok that your not working your business you are a very busy person.”  The masses are content with you being average.  Isn’t it funny how some people say ” look at that overachiever, it won’t last” or ” that will work for you, but not for me.”  Its funny cause when you change everyone around you seems to change as well.

When I first started pursuing financial freedom through network marketing my friends and family laughed at me, heckled me, and told me I was involved in a scam.  I chose how I would react and I chose to not care.  See you can control your outlook on situations.  It was a little uncomfortable for me to hear this from people I love but its even better when months down the road come and they start to think that they should look at what I’m doing.  Some people’s initial reaction to your new business regardless if its network marketing or traditional brick and mortar businesses is often negative.  The people around you like who you are and sometimes are afraid they will lose you if you change.  Ever notice how its easier to pull something or someone down than it is to raise or hold something up?

When you go into business for yourself you are going against the grain and against everything that we have been taught.  The model is go to school, get good grades, get a job, and then retire and enjoy the golden years.  As you can see its not working out like that for the average person.  Its comfortable to conform and do what everyone else does and just be average.  If you truly want to live a life that inspires and gives you freedom, than go after your goals and achieve them in front of everyone’s face!  I believe their is greatness inside everyone of us and its just time to start getting a little uncomfortable.  What if you were to simply dedicate being uncomfortable for 30 days.  I can guarantee you that that would be the most profitable month in your business period.

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  • john

    December 6, 2010

    Ron awsome !!

  • gelokron

    December 6, 2010

    Thanks John! Hope its not too cold up there!

  • Jeremy Wright

    December 24, 2010

    Great Post! Everything you say is true. Being uncomfortable is the best way to grow. I might just try that 30 days of being uncomfortable and see where it takes me.

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