How Do You Guarantee to Double Your Money Every 6 Years?

Learn How Our Current Real Estate Market Could Make You Financially Free and  Give You Champion Returns Secured and Insured While Passively Investing in  Private Real Estate Notes in your Local Market

How can you guarantee to double your money?   Use the rule of 72 of course.   Divide the number 72 by your rate of return (interest rate) number and you’ll have the number of years it takes to double your money.   This rule of 72 also works in reverse.  If you’re looking to double your money in 6 years, divide 72/6 and you’ll discover the interest rate you need to receive to double your money (the answer is 12% return). 


Our company is currently looking to double your investment.   We have several notes available right now that offer a very competitive interest rate.   Two of them are designed to double your investment within 6 years.  


As you know our area is in the middle of the biggest real estate down turn since the depression!  It is an awesome buying opportunity, and I’m very excited to share with you some of these offerings.  Since our company holds most of the houses we buy for a few years, we’re going to be very well positioned when the market comes back.  There are some very rare opportunities available to us and we’re taking advantage of them. 


These opportunities are perfect for your idle cash or IRA, HSA, or other retirement accounts.   Our investment notes pay a fixed return between 8%-14% secured by local real estate.   The current real estate market is set perfectly for our business model.    Since we’re already poised to hold these properties for the next few years – we have dozens of people lining up to move in to our homes.   


Each of our investments are well collateralized and well secured leaving plenty of margin in the property to protect ourselves and our investor.   In addition, all of the opportunities we have available are already occupied and cash flowing with tenants in place.


We protect you, our investor with the equity in the property. The money we borrow from you is secured by a note and mortgage just like the bank gets. We only borrow up to 80% investment to value on our notes which leaves a large margin of safety for the investment.    For each house, we only borrow from one investor.  This is not a trust (REIT- Real Estate Investment Trust) or a pooling of money: one investor, one house. In addition, if you ever needed your money back out of a deal, just let me know.  We’d be able to replace you in about 30-45 days.


As you know, my company has been buying and selling single family homes since 2005.   We don’t use banks, because they are slow and in this market good deals don’t last long.  Since 2005 we’ve bought and sold over 20 single family homes.


            Your savings account might be paying you 1-3%.  Your stock portfolio might be averaging to about 8- 12% return, but again, most of that is up and down.  This year the stock market is seeing a negative eight percent (-8%) ROI.  Isn’t that terrible?  I couldn’t imagine loosing money while investing.  That’s just not the point.  I’d rather throw money in the city fountain than invest and loose.  Since we get such great deal on the houses we buy, there is very low risk.   


At Covenant Real Estate Solutions, the returns that we offer are fixed for the life of the investment.   Imagine, a fixed 14% return.  Sound too good to be true?  It’s not.  This is the real-deal.


All private lenders get:

· Promissory Note 

· Mortgage recorded against the property at county records

· Added on to the hazard insurance as the mortgagee 

· Copy of an appraisal or market analysis report 

· Lender’s title insurance


Since we get such a great buy on the purchase of the properties, we can offer our private lenders a high yield when using their money to fund our improvements to the home. This opportunity will not always be available. We are in the perfect time to be buying and this is the stage where the buys will be lower than every before.

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