How Do You Know When You Signed a Winner?

How Do You Know If Your New Rep

Is Going To Be A Superstar?

Its a darknetwork marketing superstar late night in the mountains of Pennsylvania, the fire is roaring, my hot chocoate is extra hot and chocolately and its freezing outside.   I’m talking with one of my buddies in my business about how you know if your new team member is going to be a superstar.  Great question because you want to be spending your time with the go-getters who are serious about changing their lives by buidling the business.  Support those that are hungry for change.  Your time is your most valuable asset in business so its key to know where to spend most of your time. (hint hint: Its prospecting!) 

So at this very moment I got another call from a powerful mlmer who answered this incredible question.  Brad Hagar is an 8 figure earner with over 20 years experience as a professional network marketer.  Heres what I learned from this network marketing superstar. 

Are You a Duck or an Eagle?

network marketing superstarWhat the heck am I talking about?  There are two kinds of people or birds that will join your network marketing business opportunity.  When people first come on board they all look the same, you can’t really tell if they are ducks or eagles unless you turn em upside and look at their feet.  Everyone wants to be a millionaire and is excitedd about the business and amped up to get going, right.  Ducks have webbed feet, they quack like a duck, act like a duck, and they’re ducks.  Eagles are mighty powerful birds of prey, they know what they want and attack their prey enormous talons to feed their babies.  The people that build network marketing companies are hustlers, they know what they want their life to be, they know why, and they are going to do no ifs ands or buts! 

 I’m No Ornithologist (study of birds) How Do You Tell the difference!?  

network marketing superstarWell ya turn the birds upside down and look at their feet!  What?  Lets eliminate the guess work and stress, cause I’m not trying to get bird flu here.  When your bring on your new rep the best way to find out if they are serious builder is if they are going to follow your system.  I give my new reps a simple process to follow, 4 steps to be exact.  I say, “Alright Elmer the MLMer do these 4 steps and then call me back at a 7pm.  Afterwards we are going to get you paid, but we can’t do that unless you do this.”  IF they don’t call you or watch the videos you got youself a duck.  If they call you back at the right time and followed the steps, then you give them the next part of the system to do.  You keep working with them and helping them make money while following the system.  If you follow the simple proven system then there is no way you will not be successful in network marketing.  Funny how the eagle is an endangered species isn’t it?  psst exta funny how my primary company’s flagship product is the American Silver Eagle.

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  • April Marie Tucker

    March 4, 2011

    You are so right Ron!! I love this!! I always give homework but I don’t have them call me after. I am going to start implementing this immediately 🙂

  • gelokron

    March 5, 2011

    right on april bam! accountability

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