How Successful People Think

How Successful People Think

Thanks to many different experiences with people from all walks of life, successful people, professionals, non-successful people, and those that are trying to find their way it is pretty clear that success has a lot to do with what think and focus on.  Todays post is about how successful people think.  I have a cool story in the video below about the truth of successful thinking.

Negative People and People Who Think Successful"how successful people think"

Ever talk to some people who just seem to find something to upset about everywhere you turn?  The grass is too green, the coffee is too hot, and these TPS reports did not have a cover sheet on them.  Then you have people you know who are eternal optimists, maybe they seem a bit naive, but they are happy.  The truth is that what you focus on most will manifest in your life.  This is best explained in a short story…

How Successful People Think from a Cherokee Indian

There once was a  young Indian boy who approached his grandfather and said to him, “grandfather, there is a tremendous feeling inside of me, its anger, hate, fear, insecurity, and much more.”  The grandfather interrupted, “I know what this is!”  You know what reader, ill tell the rest of the story of how successful people think from a cherokee Indian through the video below…

Video: How Successful People Think

Results of Successful People Thinking

I’m eternally thankful that I adopted a shift in my way of thinking which allowed me to be open to opportunity.  Awhile back me and some of my successful friends got started in a side venture to help people.  If you would like more info on where our successful thinking brought us click here to find out.

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