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How To Answer The Pyramid Objection

“Is This One of Those Pyramid Things?”

Have you ever been asked if your legitimate home business is ,”one of those pyramid

"Pyramid Objection"

Ever Get The “Pyramid Objection?”

things?” How you respond to that question is going to let your prospect decide if what you have is or isn’t a fit for them based on your response. Yes, even if they haven’t see a presentation and how great the compensation plan is, or the rate of growth, timing, or any of the other exciting things that are currently happening within your network marketing company.  The truth is that great relationship building and prospecting can eliminate a lot of objections but that doesn’t mean you still won’t get some. In today’s post I share several ways to help your prospects get over the pyramid objection and why networkers get this objection to begin with.

How Do You Answer The Pyramid Scheme Objection?

First, why is someone asking you the pyramid objection/question to begin with? Most reps take this is kind of a rude/insulting question but people ask the question out of ignorance; which can also be from lack of experience or knowledge.  It is your job to help your prospect and serve them.  Most people don’t actually know what a “Pyramid Thing” is.  I answer a lot of these questions for those that go through my Facebook recruiting training which you can do by entering your name and email at the top right of this blog post.

We get this question commonly for 3 reasons:

  1. You are saying to much, giving too much information and usually Explaining and instead of Inviting & Sharing
  2. Lack of confidence/conviction in one’s self and/or product/opportunity
  3. A person does not know about the Industry and is innocently really asking “is this network marketing?”


It’s funny, very commonly I hear and have experienced that the objection that we get the most is the objection/question we are most afraid of. Interesting how we attract those things to us.  If you have ever felt stuck, you may want to check out this recent post on the Top 3 Things That Hold Us Back.

However, how you answer their question will make or break this contact.

How I Answer, “Is This a Pyramid Objection Thing?”

Some people are often asking this question to test your confidence in what you are doing and to see how serious you are.  The Key is in your positioning/posturing/confidence.  When I am asked this question I DON’T go on the defensive.

Several things I like to say:

If someone’s concern is about the legality of network marketing I respond this way:

“pyramid schemes get shut down and are illegal”,

Then all you have to say is,

“This is absolutely not a pyramid scheme. Pyramid schemes are illegal and I would never get you to do something like that. Now, would you be open to learn more about what I have to share with you?”

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Compensation Questions

“only the people at the top make all the money”

I learned this from Simon Chan, just say

“The best part of our business is that you can start at the bottom and make more money than the people at the top. At my old job, I could never earn more money than my boss and that’s why I am so excited and love this business so much. Would you be open to learn more about how this works?”

Challenging You

Remember to always respond in love and servitude.  If you can see that someone is trying to test your confidence and see if you believe in what you are doing I respond these ways:

“Yes, absolutely it’s a pyramid thing, that’s why I am so excited about this.”

“Did, you really just ask me that?” (this works well with warm market) and have a blank stare on my face waiting for their response.

“what is a pyramid? Like when a real estate broker has an office of agents? Like we are employees at our job and the president/owner makes all money? oh yea, then def this is a pyramid except I get to be at the top this time. pretty cool. “

“actually, sir I’m making delicious mud pies and eagerly searching for more people to come stomp mud in my mud pie factory. Get real hahaha”

End with, “Now are you open to learning more about how this works?”

As you can tell I give a little New Jersey style humor with my answers.

If someone asks you, “Is this Network Marketing?”

This where you can really have a great conversation and help someone! Respond by saying:

“Yes absolutely, what do you know about network marketing?”

“yes, do you believe the industry works?”

“what experience do you have?”

Key Questions: What do you think it takes for someone to be successful?
When you ask this, pay attention to listen to their answers!

If I can show you _______ (fill in the blank with what they told you in question 5), would you be open to taking a look?

For example, if they told you in the previous question that it takes a solid company to work, then you can say in your following question, below…

“If I can show you a proven award winning company that is one of the top 10 companies in our industry, would you be open to taking a look?
(my company does fall into this category)

Isn’t this a much better way to handle objections and help people? In the past you may have been stuck but you no longer have to feel awkward or not know what to say to your prospects.  I want to encourage you to become an active listener and be motivated to help and serve people, not just recruit someone.  Our industry changes lives but it starts with you being will to extend that to someone.  My prayer today for those reading this blog is for fear to leave and for you to move forward in boldness to serve and speak with people that in the past you would be intimidated to speak with.


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Empowering You To Prosper,

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