How To Avoid Feeling Burnt Out in Your Life

How To Avoid Feeling

Burnt Out In Your Life

Sometimes in life your putting out all this energy effort into something your passionate about and really focused on.  Sometimes when you are busting your butt continuously you can get drained and then not feeling like doing anything.  Ask me how I know this.  You may even feel like "mlm frustration"quiting and thats normal.  Actually if you don’t feel like quitting several times a month you may not be trying hard enough.   Personally I have gone on this roller coaster for a long time.  However, I have taken steps to avoid this problem and in todays post I’ll be showing exactly what you can do to avoid this as well.

Why Do You Get Burnt? No sunscreen?

In home based business or in any business for that matter gaining new customers is just a numbers game.  Most people that come into home based business have never been business owners and this is their fist venture into the entrepreneurial world.  Because of this they may not be used to people saying no to the opportunity and or not being able to reach your client/customer at a specified time.  This creates frustration, saddness, maybe depression, and burn out.  However, this only happens if you are addictted to outcome, you don’t NEED anyone to sign up with you.  They NEED you, you are the one with the business that creates freedom and incredible residual income. So the most important thing is to detach yourself from being addictted to the outcome!

Work – Free Zones

Ever notice how some of your best business ideas or creative ideas come when you are not at work?  They come when your mind is free, when you are jogging, on vacation, looking at the ocean, and when your mind is free.  For me a work free zone is skateboardin, cooking, surfing, spending time with God, and power naps.  Human beings best perform in spurts, in intervals of 90-120 minutes.  After that you can begin to feel droggy, need a break, or again burnt out.  You need to give yourself permission to create certain times in your day when you can take a breather to refresh yourself.  Get out a pen and paper and do this exercise…reall,y don’t just read this, do this. 🙂

Creating Work-Free Zones

1. What are my favorite Work-Free Zone Activities

2. When do I enjoy doing them?

3. What negative beliefs do I have about doing Work-Free Zones?

4. When are these beliefs not true?

5. What will happen if I don’t use Work-Free Zones?

Successful people do what normal people don’t do.  If people tease you about this or look at you funny just remember this quote: “I may be weird, but you’re broke!” LOL The point of this exercise is to show you how having this in your life cab benefit your life and business.  If you make this a priority in your life and take the time out of your day to refresh yourself what do you think that would do for you?  How would your life be different.  Excuses like i have no time, my boss will never let me do this, I don’t deserve it, are all garbage.  You are worthy of success!  You deserve to live the life of your dreams and while this exercise may seem simple its the little things like this that you do that seperate greatness from mediocrity.  Oh I should mention I stole this exercise from Noah St. John and his book Secret Code of Success.

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  • Michael Berry

    September 15, 2011

    Very interesting Ron, your post How To Avoid Feeling Burnt Out in Your Life. I love a post that has real value. Thanks for your contribution Ron. Take care, Michael

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