How to Become a Leader in Home Based Business

How to Become a Leader in Network Marketing

Everyone in our industry talks about the leaders.  Leader this leader that do this do that.  What does it actually mean to become one and how do you do this?  One thing I have noticed about leadership is that I haven’t always been a leader.  It is something that took time to develop inside of me.  That’s why I am very thankful for my sponsor.  Great leaders don’t just lead a group of followers, they create and build others into leaders.
A good sponsor will demand excellence and greatness from you, why because they see it in you.  There are so many people on my team that have amazing potential and talent and I just have to pull it out of them. 

What Does it Mean to Be A Leader

Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing Leader

1. Work on yourself daily, even if its only for 15-20 minutes.  This may be reading your Bible, meditation, journaling, listening to positive messages, daily motivation, reading positvie books, afformations, and other things like this.  Never be satisfied with the status que, always focus on improving, going faster, and achieving You should be focused on improving yourself on a daily basis so you can truly make a change in the world.  “Be the change you want to see in the world.” ~ Ghandi

3. Produce!  As a leader you should be recruiting the most on your team.  How can you expect others to be monster recruiters if you are not one yourself?  Lead by example and show your team what you are doing so they can match you.  Those that are hungry for it can create friendly competition inside of your team/business.

4.   During your new reps first 90 days your number 1 goal should be to get checks in their hands.  Know why they are doing your business and help them to focus and support them to achieve their dream.  Anyone can create success in network marketing but you can’t do it alone;  plus that would be boring.  You need to support them with 3 way calls, answer question, and do team trainings.

5.  Be a coach not a manager.  If you solely focus on coaching team will fall apart and you’ll experience attrition.  You need to lead by example.  Tell your team to do the things that you are doing so they can have your results.  IF you dont have results yet then you need to continue to follow and be built up, connect your reps with your upline leader so he/she can feed back into all of your lives. 

Share with me below by commenting what leadership means to you.

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