How To Build Network Marketing When You Don’t Have Time

How To Build Network Marketing

When You Have No Time

Time is a limited resource and your most valuable asset.  The problem is we have so many different things pulling us in all directions all the time it can be hard to find time for your home based business.  This blog post will teach you how to build an MLM business when you have no time.  Whats funny about time is it in the only resource I know that every person has been given equally, 24 hours a day.  Warning, this may be a little hard to swallow but medicine usually doesn’t taste good.

No Time For MLM?

Recently I had the opportunity to spend the day in a cubicle helping a friend in corporate america.  This experience gave me some insight.  I have never been in an environment with so many negative and depressed people in my life, you would have thought you were in prison.  The biggest threat I see to building your business is negative programming we are stuck in.  Negativity can cause people to BELIEVE that they don’t have time to do anything different and that they are stuck.  Understand that if you make arguments for your own limitations you will always win.  Now before you get in a tiff and think this is another mindset post, ask yourself: Do I have the results that I currently want.  IF we do not, understand that 90% of it is because of negative programming.  (side note is some people reading this will immediately say “no it isn’t, its because…)

You work 9-5 and may have 1-3 hour daily commute.  So we need to use our time differently.  Whats funny is in corporate america they just demand more production out of the same amount of resources without any incentives.  Seems like if we do more work and produce more we should get paid more…I dunno.

Check out the Video Below on How To Build MLM When You Don’t Have Time

The biggest take away I got was in order to not become completely depressed and hopeless I must be feeding my mind with positive stuff otherwise the evil of this world will overtake me.  These are some marketing methods you can use.  If your looking to build mlm when you dont have time you need something that you can use to generate leads and make your calls while in the car or at lunch breaks, I use an attraction marketing system. 

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  • When I entered MLM I never felt of given up and I am always on a positive ways. Just always think that to make your dream come true always give time on MLM and while working on it just have fun.

  • Ron Gelok

    March 22, 2013

    @nuskin reviews skin care and cash – the key is discipline and consistency of exposing people to the business.

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