How To Change the World

How To Change the World

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Have you ever  felt that the world we live in isn’t how it should be?  I k"how to change the world"now I’m not alone in this thought.  I’m not talking about some far fetched utopia but I know we can all feel this and see it in our everyday lives.  Just look at all the occupy wall street movements and protesting taking place right in your home town.  You have more power than you think you do.  Now if your a regular of my blog you know I’m not a doom and gloom kinda guy so I’ll make this brief.  In today’s post I’ll be shedding some light on our world and showing you what you can do to not fall victim and protect yourself.

In reality our country is starved for authentic leadership.  Where are the real men of courage?  Where are those who are willing to rise up above a life of mediocrity and demand excellence.  Too many times we see people doing just enough, barely good enough, just squeaking by and is that any way to live?  Leaders without ulterior motives, leaders without their own agenda coming first, and leaders that are willing to put others first and create and build others to be leaders of excellence.  Our country was founded by some of the greatest minds of it time and their hearts were in the right place.  Now the we are concerned with me, me, me, oh yea and “I.”   Information, answers, and entertainment is accessible at the touch of a finger on some electronic gadget.  I hate to see what our founding fathers would think of America now.

People are just starting to wake up now.  Its almost like we been sleeping this whole time while things have been getting worse and worse.  Well wake up because God is calling his people back.  The reality is that financial system and political system is in shambles.  (I don’t have to go into this one lol) Our education system is not working.  Did you know that our education system was actually started by Rockefeller and Carnegie?  It wasn’t so they could advance humans and create the world into a better place it was so they could have more intelligent factory line workers to make them rich.  Look back into history and you’ll find the much more people were small business owners then there are today.  Most people are employees.  Our entire life we are prepared to have a job, to work for someone else, make some smart guy’s dream come true while we waste away 9-5, then drive home exhausted barely having any time for our kids before pass out for the night just  to start the insanity all over again tomorrow. Sounds like living huh?  Why aren’t our children being taught how to communicate, why they are the way they are, how to husbands and fathers, some level of personal financial literacy, how to start their own biz if they wanted to, or how about more creative freedom to learn what you want.  I talk to people everyday and we see on the news the massive layoffs and the unemployment rate increasing.  This is not how we are meant to live.$$

Now think about this, the food we eat is slowing killing us.  America is the country with thee MOST processed foods ; also the country with the MOST cancer. Hmm could there be a link?  Most of the food we eat come in packages with preservatives.  Why is it that other countries don’t have outrageous levels obesity, diabetes, and cancer?  We have more disease then just about any other nation on the planet.  It simply comes down to what we put in our bodies.  See the good Lord gave us everything we need to live healthy lives.  2 Peter 1:3 “His divine power has given us everything we need for the life and godliness through our knowledge of him who called us by his own glory and goodness.”  Who are we to think that we can improve on God’s creation with chemicals, gmos, and other nonsense. (delicious nonsense lol)

The Solution

The reality is that no one is going to hand you the keys to the dream life.  You have to create it and be open to it.  Don’t let fear hold you back.  Some say that FEAR = False Evidence Appearing Real.  Anyone who has ever accomplished anything of excellence has failed, has gotten back up and dusted themselves off, despite their fear.  We have been conditioned to do what is easy, no effort, or the short way out.  Look at those that have lives you envy.  There are overachievers aren’t they?  Or are they people who just committed to doing something larger than themselves?

"how to change the world"Did you know we have been promised lives of abundance and prosperity?  We should be living lives that touch move and inspire.  The bible promises great things to those who choose to follow Christ.  This is something real.  When you are operating in the perfect will of the Lord for your life, your purpose, is when these things happen for you.  Some may be saying, “well Ron whats up with this, I am a christian still don’t have these things.”  That’s because your heart may not be in the right place.  When you have a heart and your desire is to simply love him and build his kingdom with all that you are is the moment you step into greatness.  Well what is my purpose?  That’s a simple question, you will be surprised by the answer in my next blog/email.  In a sense you die to yourself and pick up a greater purpose, respond to the calling.

When you stop caring about what other people think, when you remove the selfish self from yourself  and starting putting other things and people first.  Watch how things change.   Since I have made a decision to follow Christ and asked him to use me.  Incredible things have happened to me.  I’ve become the owner of a television production company, my Numis Network business is moving great, the ability to travel even more than before has opened for me,  I have never felt so good about myself…ever.  I experience events, meet people, and doors open that I didn’t even know were possible. The craziest part is that its all coming effortless to me lol.  I wake up excited everyday for whats in store.  I think we make plans, and God laughs because he always has something better and if we can just simply trust him, step out of the comfort zone into a step of faith you can experience what I do to.  The best part is, it doesn’t cost $500 to join and a monthly auto-ship to maintain lol.  Imagine living a life of greatness, so much so when others look at you they say, ” wow whats different about her, why is he like that all the time, I want what he has in my life.”

If you want this in your life.  If you want Christ part of your life…

Here’s how you get started, repeat this outloud.  “Lord please come into my life, I want to accept you as my personal Lord and savior, and I ask you to forgive me of all my sins and wash me clean.  I am choosing to follow you.”

Now Love others as much as you do yourself.  Put others first.  My order is God, Family, Others, and then me.

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Be Blessed!

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