How To Conduct a Local MLM Meeting, The Right Way

How To Run a Successful

Local MLM Meeting

Local meetings to build your MLM is one of the most powerful duplication and recruiting methods to date in our industry.  Now I don’t want any whining about Internet is better or any of that because we both know you can do both.  However, its easier for more people to duplicate without the Internet.  These events are simple, fun, and spread like wild fire!  My buddy Dave Angelo has put in 85 people in the last 30 days, all by holding local meetings.  Here is a step by step blueprint how to have a successful local mlm meeting.

WARNING: This is only for those who want massive growth and duplication quickly.

Now I had to be the biggest scaredy cat in the world because I delayed my first local meeting for over a year!  That is one of my biggest regrets and I wish I had started right away because my team would be at least 4 times as large as it is now.  The biggest way to get over fear of holding a meeting is to just do it.  That may not be want you expect to hear from me but that’s what you need to do.  Think of it like having a party at your house cause it’s pretty much what this is.

Schedule Your Local MLM Meeting

Now if it’s your first local meeting get your upline to present and help you host the meeting.  The best place to have your meeting is in your home.  We do this because everyone has a home and everyone can simply be an inviter.  Every new person should immediately schedule a local meeting the day they join.  The meeting must be scheduled within 2 weeks of start date in every reps home.  If you feel your home is not nice enough to hold a meeting well your wrong, it doesn’t matter, what matters is you do it.  People with nicer homes are thinking the same thing you are and if they see you do it then they will be confident to have a local mlm meeting in their home. DUPLICATION BABY!

How Many People Do I Invite to My Local MLM Event?

This is a great question and I will tell you the honest truth but most people will not believe me until they experience it for themselves.  When you hold any kind of MLM meeting whether its at your home or at a restaurant count on a minimum of 50% of your invitations to be declined due to whatever goofy excuse they say (yesterday I got this, I can’t do it cause I have to go buy a very expensive birthday cake lol).  Roughly 60% of the people that say they will come will cancel or not show up.  Depending on your opportunity you should sign at least half of your guests.  So if you are having a grand opening for your business at your home you must must must invite a minimum of 100 people.  You will end up with around 10 guests.  Anything more than that and your a superstar.  Figure you’ll sign at least half of your guests if you follow the rest of the directions in this post. 

Now if you are holding a local meeting at a restaurant the best way to get people there is to bring them.  Count of half of your invitations now showing up.  Local mlm meetings at restaurants are fantastic, especially for the leader because its a team recruiting effort and if your compensation plan is like mine we throw everyone underneath each other and create momentum.  The more people you invite the better.

What about the Local MLM Meeting presentation!?

I like to work together as a team.  If you have scheduled your meeting to start at 7pm you must start at 7pm sharp regardless of who says they will be there in 2 minutes or 15 minutes. The host should let everyone know that you will be starting in 5 minutes to grab your seats.  If I am doing the presentation I have another team member/host introduce me.  The goal here is to build up the presenter and make your audience feel like he is the big cheese.  Basically make it sound like he walks on water and can fly.  I also like for the host to share why they joined the company and maybe their experience to date (depends on how long they been involved).  The ideal situation is for you to host the event and have your upline leader present.   Those who are serious will conduct the presentation themselves.  Now if your sponsor is long distance like a lot of my team is you have a few options.

  • Plug and play your company dvd presentation
  • Set up a skype or Vustream and your leader will present
  • Connect your computer to your tv with a HDMI cable ($10-15 bucks from best buy or staples) and play your online presentation
  • Reach out to corporate to help you find someone further in your upline that’s local to help you
  • You simply do the step by step presentation (it should be extremely simple and script is provided)

As a leader you want to be presenting for your team.  This is a business of duplication and once you step up to the plate guess what’s going to happen?  You want to create fires throughout the country of local mlm meetings and have em spread like a California wildfire!

What about Questions at My Local MLM Meeting!? Do I panic!!!?

Panic mode can be fun…if you’re a lunatic and enjoy being stressed out.   If someone has questions you have three options.

  1. Get your upline to answer (if he/she is not there make a phone call, they should be aware and available to support you, if they are not…sorry that’s weird)
  2. You can say, “that’s a great question, to tell you the truth I don’t know about all that, what I do know is this business is changing my life, I love the ____product, I love the fun people I get to work with and you might want to give it a try.”  Have Big Smiles
  3. Be a leader and answer the questions. The more you do the business the more confident you will grow. Subscribing to my blog will help you with questions you get from prospects as this is a topic I frequently cover and train on.

Must Have’s for Your Local MLM Meeting

  • Applications and pens
  • Sign In Sheet (preferably)
  • Product Display
  • Up Beat Music
  • Ask for people to turn off their cell phones/turn to silent
  • Excitement and Energy
    • This is one is actually more key than you think.  People join people not business opportunities.  Get your passion flowing and get others to ask themselves, “what’s different about Ron, I wan’t that feeling that he has.”  This doesn’t mean you have drank the Koolaid lol, it just means your excited and happy to be there.

Here’s What to Do to make your Local MLM Meetings Fail

  • Use industry jargon
  • Complain or comment how someone isn’t here yet (your focus is on who is there!)
  • Talk about how hard it is, or how you haven’t sponsored anyone yet
  • Hard Close
  • Talk about nitty gritty comp plan stuff
  • Talk about anything negative
  • Introduce new additional info after the presentation
  • Beg and plead to join
  • Don’t start on time
  • Say way too much
  • Allow interruptions and questions during presentation

I have given extreme detail for these meetings.  No meeting is ever perfect.  The perfect meeting has guests, a presentation, and you, that’s it.  The perfect local mlm meeting is done.  Massive growth and duplication is achieved easiest through local MLM meetings.  Don’t worry about all the details just go do it.  The more you do it the better you get it.  Think about this, you can’t say the wrong thing to right person so if they see you doing a crappy mlm meeting then they will say to themselves, ” I can do this way better,” and you’ll recruit a leader.  Move out of the comfortable couch zone and take action…well only if you want a different kind of life.

Have questions?  How much did this help you?  Leave a comment below and remember to like and share this post!

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  • Dennis

    September 28, 2011

    Thanks Ron. Very insightful explanation. I’ve done several meetings recently as I build my downlines and one of the key things I missed was getting started on time. I was ready always to start but I waited for others to show so everyone heard the entire presentation. (I do powwerpoints and don’t draw to much). Thanks for your comments…..Dennis

  • Ron Gelok

    September 28, 2011

    @Dennis – Right dennis. You start on time for the people that were there on time. Keep the position of power.

  • clarencekontio

    October 25, 2011

    Good Jobs wood stuff. Thank for sharing Appreciation you sharing this one glad you sharing all of my comments Clarence Kontio

  • Juli Becker

    December 2, 2011

    Ron, this post has made a great difference in my life. I read it first right after you published it, bookmarked it then, and have returned to it now with the sole purpose of letting you know what a significant difference you have made in my life. Hope you will start posting on your blog again soon. There is so much I know I can learn from you. Juli

  • Frank Pyrtle

    August 2, 2012

    Ron, just asking, I was told that having meetings in restaurants, motels, etc. was not compliant if. It were an mlm business. Is this. Not so? Just took a compliance course test and could have sworn the lawyer said it wasn’t cool. After all he was a lawyer. What do you know about this? Thanks, FrankPyrtle

  • Ron Gelok

    August 8, 2012

    @Frank Pyrtle – Hey Frank, I am not a lawyer or compliance expert. I do see insurance companies, hospitals, financial planners and all other kinds of professions having meetings and hotels and restaurants. I don’t see a problem with it and believe it is in compliance. I mean when you have large groups where the heck can we get together? Big hotel seminar rooms are pretty much required. Great Comment Frank!

  • Chuck Holmes

    May 27, 2015

    Great post, Ron. Even in today’s world, local meetings are still very powerful and effective. There’s nothing like the energy you get from having a room full of people. Yes, online sponsoring works, but I still think the old school ways are the best. Like you said, the real key is to invite a lot of people, much more than you want to show up, since a lot of folks will no show you or cancel.

    Great post and blog, sir!


  • Cassandra

    September 21, 2017

    Thank you Ron for this piece. I have been an ardent reader on your blog. I so much love everything I see here. I’m from Nigeria and I’m new into mlm business, I have tried everything I could online to recruit but all seems futile. So I resolve into doing local meeting with my prospects. But the problem now is that my none of my upline is around my location and in Nigeria most people don’t help if you are not from their team cos they believe that they won’t benefits from it. Please what can I do in that case? Should I go ahead and do it on my own despite that I don’t have bank alerts from my company to show those that would be present. Thanks

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