How To Create Duplication In Network Marketing

How To Create Duplication

in Network Marketing

Duplication see"get mlm duplcation"ms to be the phrase that a lot of network marketers see as “The Holy Grail.” They pursue it like its this ever illusive jackpot or lotto ticket at times thinking its the next person they recruit will just be so lit with passion and desire to build this mlm company that that is how its done.  The reality is that most people are not having instant success and duplication.  It’s like opening up a restaurant and immediately thinking the next people that walk in the door or going to want to be a franchise owner of the restaurant and open other restaurants across the country with zero hiccups or problems.  The Networker thinking this way couldn’t be farther from the truth.

To Create Duplication in Network Marketing

You Have to Start with you first.  Now I know that’s not the sexiest thing to read or hear but we all know its the reality. It is super nice when you recruit people that are business builders and go to work asap but remember the time and tested 80/20 principle.  20% of your income will come from about 80% of your team and vice-a-verse. You get duplication when you have earned it.  We shouldn’t expect our team to go out and duplicate and build the business when we aren’t.

The first key to duplication is to “Lead By Example”

People are more willing to follow your actions than your words. So show you are a man/woman of integrity and do what you say you are going to do.  I build my business with the mindset of, ” I might be the only one that is going to produce so it is up to me to do the work and trust God that he will bring me the right people I want to work with.”  I am not concerned or worried about other people on my team not producing, they all know I have their back and support them and I lead by example.

The Second key to duplication is found in this training video below. You may surprised on the simplicity of duplication and how it actually starts before you bring someone into the business…

Watch How To Create Duplication in Network Marketing

What was your biggest take away from this training on creating Duplication in Network Marketing? Please eave a comment below so I know if this kind of training is helpful to you…

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