How To Develop Leaders and Create Strong Belief in Your Team

How To Create MLM Leaders and

Create Strong Belief in Your Team

Do you remember why the person that’s in network marketing asked you to be part of it?  Its hopefully because they believe in you enough that working together you can both have financial freedom.  Are you an MLM Leader?One aspect of my business that suffered in my 1st year was trying to get duplication.  I realized the problem wasn’t my team but me.  Everyone doesn’t know what you know when they start nor how they are going to do it (unless their why is strong enough, the how just comes).  How do you see the people on your team?

MLM Leaders Need Belief

Everyone needs someone to believe in them.  Most of us our entire lives have been told you are to dumb, too slow, not good enough, not good looking enough, or simply you just can’t do it.  Its unfortunate but the truth  Negative thinking in our society has run ramp id and it has programed people into a life of what we think is “safe.”  The reality is that “safe” isn’t as safe as it used to be.  Go to school, get a good job, enjoy the golden years and retire= wrong.  That system is broken as we can see in the present day economy.  But today I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way.  That you are good enough.  Philipians 4: 13 You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you.

Level of Belief in Your MLM Leaders

When someone joins you in your business they are believing that they deserve a life of more and want to get out of the so called “safety” that their J-O-B provides.  They are believing you can lead them there.  In return you better be prepared to do so.  One thing that really clicked with me awhile ago and was an A-Ha moment for me was this.  I need to not only believe in the people I recruit but treat them and talk to them as a leader.  Real leaders build others leaders and that goes on to duplicate.  So we teach to teach, coach to coach, and show support.  You must believe that each rep that is ACTIVELY working the business can achieve their dreams, goals, and desires.  (very important to ask them “why they joined” so you know this when they need a pick me up) Know your reps vision and ask yourself what am I going to do to truly help this person achieve that.  Whats the plan!?  Make sure to have this conversation with your strong upline leader.

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  • Dean Ethridge

    March 1, 2012

    Great post, Ron. Great content as always from the pros over at Tribe Pro. Your blog posts are always helpful Thanks for sharing! Dean

  • Ron Gelok

    March 2, 2012

    @Dean Ethridge – right on dean!

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