How to Do a 3 Way Call…With Results

So you been out there in the field prospecting and connecting with people but not signing up that many reps hmm.  Maybe you haven’t even called one person yet. This is one of the easiest ways to bring someone into your business and start making money with them.  3 Way calls can/should be the backbone to your biz.  I don’t care what company you are working with 3 way calls work and they are very very simple.  My favorite part of it is, you don’t have to speak, you get your leader/sponsor on the phone and let them do the talking. Why? Cause their an expert or they know more than you so why not let them do it.  They know what to say and how to say it.  This is also a learning experience for you.  The business is about team work.  Yes, you’re in business for yourself but you’re not in business by yourself. Use your team, we want to help, we want to see your business grow, and most importantly we want you earning the big bucks to!

Step 1. Talking to your prospect and if they have an interest say “could you hold on one second?”  OR Call your Leader/Sponsor first and you can call your prospect together.  It doesn’t matter, and one is not better than other in my opinion. DO NOT say “oh could I get my sponsor on the phone or let me bring my upline leader on the phone to talk to you. NO! DO NOT DO IT, if you heard that would you want to talk to the leader!?  That will not work and I bet you anything, you won’t get that leader on the phone cause your prospect said no.  Everyone has heard “hold on a second,” and thats cool, easy, and no one has a problem with it.

Step 2. Press the flash key, or if you have smart phone “add call” and dial one of your upline leaders/sponsor. At this point you are only talking to your sponsor/leader while your prospect is on hold on the other line. You say ” hey Ron or hey leader, im talking to John Doe he is a Realtor from New Jersey (or whatever he/she is it doesn’t matter) lets do a 3 way call.” Leader says yes and you press flash again or “merge calls” if you have a smart phone.

Step 3. Edify the Leader/Sponsor. ” Hey John Doe, I’m here with Ron Gelok he is one the leaders in our company, he is 22 yrs old came into this biz with no experience no knowledge but now he is killing it, he speaks at conferences, he does this he does that blah blah. say something to establish the Leader as someone of value/an expert.  You get the idea.

Step 4. Shut up! Don’t say anything just listen. Leader will speak.  (If Tte leader is some ram down your throat buy buy buy guy lol, if he is, dont call that dude cause that is W-R-O-N-G)

Step 5. If your leader did the call correctly you say goodbye to the leader press flash or “manage call” if you have smart phone. Now its just you and the prospect and say ok John whats your zip code? Or walk them through the online sign up.


DO NOT TALK ABOUT ANYTHING ELSE.  You will be tempted to say all these things about ur biz or how great they are going to be or how excited you are. Nope, just sign up and keep it simple.  You can say Welcome to the team.  So whats next?

So you signed up your new Business Partner and your both excited your going to making some money together but wait how?  How do you build the business and how do you ensure you will have duplication?  Will cover this in the next blog post.

Most importantly start doing 3 way calls.  They are simple, fun, and extremely effective.  If you do it this way, no one is offended, you dont become “that guy”, you keep it simple and in the prospect’s mind they think they can do a 3 way call also because of how simple you just did it.  Very duplicatable.

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