How To Eliminate and Conquer Fear That Holds You Back

How To Eliminate and Conquer

Fear That Holds You Back

The one force that I know everyone encounters is Fear.  Fear to talk to someone, fear of becoming great, fear of the opinions of others, and other kinds of fear that cause us to stop.   Now don’t confuse what I am talking about with being uncomfortable.  When we are uncomfortable I’ve experienced the greatest growth in my life and in my business.  Fear is a force that stops us from becoming great.

FEAR= FALSE Evidence Appearing Real

I believe that 90% of our lives takes place in the mind.  It is how we react, respond, and think when circumstances, people, and events take place in our lives.  Everyone gets negative thoughts at times, I don’t care who you are.  People who operate from a position of power do not let fear grab hold of them.  They are able to dismiss the negativity, not be affected, and continue to move forward.  As a christian entrepreneur here is how I conquer the force of fear and how you can to.

How To Fight and Conquer Fear

Understand that everything is a process and that this will take time to develop in you.  It takes 21 days to form a habit.  Going forward an applicable exercise you can do is take 10 minutes a day and read the word of god, success magazine, or whatever else you feel will help you.  I read the Bible because out of the tens of thousands of dollars I’ve spent on investing in myself and my business, that has helped me the most hands down, bottom line.

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