How To Insure Duplication, Simple Step by Step

In a network marketing company anybody can bring on a lot of people into a business.  But can that person also teach his team to do the same?  When your prospect is watching and listening to you invite to see your business you have to keep it simple.  They are subconsciously asking themselves  “can I do what he is doing.” If the prospect tells them self that they can’t then you can just forget about them coming on board with ya.

I connect with other leaders in the industry on a regular basis and they all have one thing in common.  They have a a simple an duplicatable system, they do things that anyone can do.

When you sign up a new person heres what I like to do.

Step 1. Introduce your new team member to your Upline LEADER via 3 way call (this may not be the person who enrolled you, it is the person who is a leader in your organization).

  • exchange phone numbers and let the new member know about 3 way calls, trainings, webinars, and meetings or however u guys build
  • we do this because it makes the new member feel comfortable and shows support

Step 2. I become the new members friend

  • I wanna know why they are doing this business
  • What motivates them
  • Find out how they want to build the business and support them

Step 3. Weekly coaching

  • For the member on my team who are serious I do once a week coaching where we talk about their business, whats going on with it, where they are struggling, and we fix any issues and continue moving forward
  • Have once a week training for your team

For a fast start

  • Listen to the audio on my training page
  • Have 5 people watch our webinar
  • 3 way call follow up with Me
  • Keep it simple and repeat with the newest members of the team

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