How to Find the Perfect People for MLM

How to Find the

Perfect People for MLM

If you could locate the perfect people for mlm and sponsor them into your business regularly what would that do for you?  Today I’m going to show you step by step how I sponsored the #1 Income Earner in Canada in my primary business.  There is a good and bad thing about home based mlm businesses.  Anyone can start a home based business for as little as $500 and this is a low barrier to entry.  Everyone can come up with $500 to start a business, however that doesn’t mean everyone has the wherewithal to be successful.  But if you could find the perfect mlm people to prospect, those that will duplicate, stay on autoship, and really lead a team would you be open to learning how?

Who Are the Perfect MLM People

Lets"perfect people for mlm" find the best MLM Prospects.  If you owned a fortune 500 company and you were putting together your board of directors who would you want to sit there?  You want the sharpest, most successful, powerful, intelligent go-getters you could find, right!?  There are 3 groups of people I target to grow my business:

Perfect MLM Prospects

  • Struggling Network Marketers – I target these individuals for a few reasons. I am not a struggling network marketer and I can bring clarity and empower these networkers to prosper in my company if they are frustrated enough that they want a change.  This group is also already sold on the business model and understand how it works so you can get these guys up and running faster.
  • Personal Development People – This group usually is already in the process of developing powerful mindset of no personal limitations.  Someone already thinking right who is open to making extra money is powerful.  Everyone needs mindset for network marketing and mlm and these perfect mlm people can hit the ground running faster.
  • Professionals/Business Owners – The perfect mlm people locally are other entrepreneurs and professionals.  This group doesn’t mess around.  They have limited amount of time and usually have high quality mlm prospects in their network that you can drive deep with.  They are usually seeking more time freedom, suffer from lack of appreciation, or dissatisfied somehow with their work/business.

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Where are the Perfect MLM People Hanging Out?

IF you want to find the best mlm prospects for your team you need to go connect with them and be where they are.  Well lets put our marketing hat on for a second.  What do they like? Where do they hang out? What do they do for fun? What books do they read? When you can answer these questions look for those groups and pages on facebook.  The people who are active users making comments, likes, and most importantly are agreeing with the status updates on the pages are the best mlm prospects. Look in groups like: success, network marketing, donald trump, anything success oriented is a safe bet.

How to Recruit the Perfect MLM Prospects

The key to recruiting the best mlm prospects is to become a trust based networker.  Your job is to connect and make a friend.  How do you know someone would even be open to your business?  Send them a message regarding the group you found them in or about their status.  DO NOT PITCH YOUR BUSINESS OR SEND A LINK.  Never ever send an unsolicited link to someone on facebook unless they have asked for it or you have their permission.  Once your prospect has expressed a need/want that you can solve with your business then it is appropriate to ask if they are open to a side project.  I always prefer to get my prospects on the phone.  If you need help recruiting and knowing what to say get your free recruiting video training that taught me how to recruit a minimum of 1 person a week.

Free Video Training: Find Perfect MLM People

Did you know you can use twitter to find the perfect mlm people?  You can use youtube to find the perfect mlm people!  Any social media website you can use to find the perfect mlm people.  Check out my free training on how to find the best perfect mlm people using Social Media.

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