"how to get leads online"

How To Get Leads Online

How To Get Leads Online

"how to get leads online"Knowing how to get leads online is the lifeblood of any business. New lead generation is crucial to keep fueling the business machine.  Sadly most businesses make the mistake of simply posting their websites on social media or other websites without a way to capture leads and follow up.  The rough estimate is 98% of first time website visitors are not buying on the first page visit.  Because of this staggering statistic I’m going to share with you exactly what I do for myself and for my clients to capture leads and monetize them so our marketing dollars are not put to waste.  Don’t worry I’ll also share the tools I use so you can follow along exactly to create this for your business as well.

How To Get Leads Online: What Not To Do

What not to do is to simply post your website on social media.  What not to do is have your website focused on YOU, instead of the serving the customer.  Your website and the content on your site needs to be very valuable to keep a web visitor on the page and want to continue to do business with you.  Getting more “traffic” and more eyeballs on your website is not always the answer to increase in business, in fact its a common misconception among website owners. Now lets talk about the first step in how to get online leads.

How To Get Leads Online

The first step to getting leads online to have a lead capture page so you can receive lead flow.  Today it is not just enough to have a phone number or an email address on your website.  You need to have multiple ways for your potential customers to engage with you.  An online lead capture page is page on a website that makes a free offer of value to the web visitor in exchange for a web visitor’s email address and/or other contact information.  Now that you have a web visitors contact info you can follow up with leads more effectively instead of hoping they reach out and contact you.

Video Tutorial: How To Get Leads Online – Lead Capture

In this tutorial I mentioned I made everything in a matter of minutes using the “Funnelizer” tool inside of My Lead System Pro.  To get access to MLSP’s Funnelizer and learn more about their training and marketing platform visit the link below.  This link will provide you with a bird’s eye view of generating leads and monetizing them even if you have never had a website or can barely check your email. Click Here For The Free Training Overview

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