How To Get Leads With Facebook Fan Pages

How to get leads with Facebook Fan Pages is one of my favorites!  This is a simple strategy that anyone can use to easily start getting Facebook Fan page leads, likes, and engagement on their page. What makes this such a great strategy is that it is almost completed 100% automated and you can set up this little lead machine today.  I’m sharing this training video with you today from a online marketing system and community that I speak and train for.

Social media is not only a place to look at funny pictures and videos but also build a business with.

If you want to start getting leads using Facebook Fan Pages, this is the quickest way to get things going that also set you up to build your business on a very large scale!

Facebook Fanpage Marketing

Step 1: Create Your Facebook Fanpage

– Fill out all the fields and upload an image

Step 2: Start Making Some Posts and Invite Friends to like the page

Step 3: Open The Facebook Ads Manger and Select The “Page Likes” campaign objective

– Watch Video Below to see how I run a Facebook Ad

Step 4: Use Facebook Post Scheduler

– Schedule 3 Posts per day

– Set Up For 30 Days

A great mix of posts to make are a collection of different types of messages and posts that speak to your target audience. My marketing mix consists of the following:

  • Blog Posts
  • Capture Pages
  • Webinar Posts
  • Videos
  • Testimonials
  • Images that speak to your target audience
    – Carousel Images
    – Single Images
    – Use
  •  Text – quotes, your CTAs, questions, personality
  • Lifestyle pics and videos – I share family, church, and skateboarding

Step 5: Collect Leads and Monitor Facebook Ad Campaign

Engagement is a measurement of how interactive the people that “Like” you fan page are with you and your content. To increase your fan page engagement I suggest having a marketing mix that under promises and over delivers value to your target audience.

Direct offer and sales is what I would promote the least. No one likes to be sold ALL THE TIME so be sure to mix it up and be in the state of mind that your posts are going to under promise and over deliver help and value to the audience you want to speak to.  The key with fan pages is to build a loyal following and audience that looks forward to your posts.  Watch the video below to go through a walk through as I set this up live.

Facebook Fan Page Set Up and Lead Generation

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