How To Get Your Team To Duplicate In Network Marketing

Duplication in Network Marketing

How to get your team to duplicate is a topic I love training on because I’m speaking to the more serious network marketer.  Duplication is a topic that is of interest to the person who is already recruiting and has a team.  Just because someone can recruit doesn’t mean they can have a team that duplicates or that will be an automatic result of one’s recruiting efforts.  Think of successfully recruiting someone as hiring a new employee on a “trial period.” In today’s post I’m teaching 3 Ways to Get More Duplication in Network Marketing.

Duplication In Your Network Marketing Team

When someone comes becomes a new representative in your network marketing business it doesn’t guarantee that they will duplicate. To think that everyone will take action is unrealistic.  I’ve found that the majority of my income has come from 10% or less of the leaders or action takers on my team.  That being said you need to know a few concepts to apply with those who are taking action in order to get great duplication.


Duplication in Home Business Tip #1

Law of Averages – we can’t control when the averages work out in recruiting or duplication

  • The principle that supposes most future events are likely to balance any past deviation from a presumed average. Because of this fact in network marketing you must be aware that the averages will work out over time and not to sell yourself short and stop you or your leaders effort in producing customers and representatives to the organization.

Duplication in MLM Tip #2

Lead By Example – Model the results and actions you want your team to be taking

  • This tip is almost a cliche in the direct sales industry but the truth is that your personal action taking and efforts do trickle down.  Especially in binary compensation plans because the representatives further down in the genealogy are experiencing spillover volume/production.  The same is true if you are not taking action, that lack of production is often congruent with a team’s lack of production.  Leadership, results, positive and negative trickle down and duplicate from the top down.  Be conscious of this when developing your team culture and what is considered “the norm” inside of your organization.

Duplication in Network Marketing Tip #3

Issue Contests and Challenges – Leaders & Competitors Rise To Incentivized Challenges = Production

  • The first time my sponsor issued a contest and what he would be doing for the next 90 days it was inspiring and motivating.  Our team went on a 90 day blitz in 2010 and to this day I still have leaders on my team as a result of that first challenge we went on.  Issuing challenges will separate those who are serious builders and those who aren’t.  When properly incentivized challenges, contests, and a blitz, can produce short burst of production.  The key is to do these challenges strategically timed and not overuse them or it can not be the best in your relationships in your team and the risk is the team can feel “used” or “manipulated” in an unhealthy way.  I teach more about this in my up coming training: Social Media Duplication Machine – Your Guide to 24/7 Automated Duplication

How To Get Duplication In Network Marketing Training Video

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