How To Influence People

How To Influence People

How To Influence People is a Book and topic the author John Maxwell is an expert in. As a leader there are 2 ways to lead, 1 though positional leadership and 2 through influence. Similar principles of think and grow rich or dale Carnegie – How to Win Friends and Influence People are seen in the book..

If you are in any kind of team building business, whether it be influencing people in network marketing, direct sales, mlm or any similar structure you want to create an environment where people want to follow and model you not because you are their up-line or boss but because of who you are. How To Influence People is a higher level skill as it can be used on masses, this is another reason I leverage the internet and these business models.

How To Influence Your Team

Some ways you can achieve this”

– Lead By Example – The more you produce the more your team looks to your guidance and leadership

– Celebrate Others – Everyone craves acknowledgement and acceptance and by publicly creating a positive experience for a representative for making profit producing activities you not only gain influence among people but you model how they should duplicate this experience in their teams.  Remember you always want to be teaching to teach and empowering others to do what you do.

– Don’t React, Respond – Respond instead of reaction means you take the emotional charge out of the situation, incident or problem. It is a great opportunity to turn confrontation into a positive situation.  Understand that most people come from a place of pain, lack, or frustration and as a leadership you not only need to be sensitive to these pains whether justified or irrelevant but you need to be able to respond in a way that your message is received. How To Influence People is awesome.

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