How To Prospect and Close in MLM with Integrity

How To Prospect and

Close in MLM with Integrity

“People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care” John C. Maxwell Kind of a weird statement isn’t it?  For those of you that know me you know I’m not at all a cynical person at all.  However, the world we live in doesn’t always see through the same pair of glasses as you and I.  In MLM you have the ability to share something that is one of the most incredible ways to change a person’s life, but its difficult to share that with someone until they believe that you really can help them or care about them.   So today I’m going to be teaching you some simple questions to recruit people into your organization like a master and why you should ask these questions.

The Person Asking the Questions Holds the Power

When prospecting someone my favorite question to ask is, ” Would you be open to a side project if it doesn’t interfere with what your currently doing?”

Now this is a key question.  “Just curous, why are you open?”

I ask this question to learn exactly how I can help the person.  I care about the people that I will be helping to make an income.  By asking this question a few things happen. 1. You learn exactly why they are open and how you can help, 2. you use their answer later in the process to help sign them up, 3. The prospect lets down their guard and they feel like you really care about them and are out to help as compared to Novice Networkers who see their prospects as piece$ of meat covered in dollar signs. Silly I know.  Remember their answers as this is key.  What good are all the leads your generating online and offline if you can’t close them?  Exactly, its like having a Ferrari that only runs on rocket fuel, and where the heck do you buy rocket fuel?

Send them your presentation or bring them to a meeting and then follow up and close.  Remember you can’t help anyone in MLM unless you bring them into your team.

Closing Process"sponsoring mlm"

This is exactly what I do.  I call my friend/prospect up and make small talk or talk about something fun for a bit first, as you always should.  “Did you watch the video? Oh thats great.  What did you like best about it?”

I ask them because you want to know what attracts them to the company. If they don’t elaborate that much you simply ask, “why do you like that?”

Now this next question is a known as a Test Close.

“In your opinion, do you [ think, feel, believe use (whichever word they tend to use)] this would help__( insert answer from the question, “why are you open”)__?

“What would that be worth to you?”

Are you just saying that or do you really believe that? This question concretes their belief in what they just said

Now this is the money question – “If you were to join now, what would be the biggest benefit to you?” This question allows the prospect to share with you how you can help them, powerful!

“Sounds like, feels like, Looks like (use 1 of these) you are ready to get started.”

Its literally that simple.  Just a handful of questions you can now help people and recruit like the masters.

Now objections is something I’ve taught dozens of times before.  Once I learned how to recruit like a master I consistently recruit a minimum of 1 person a week.  I went through MLM Guru Ray Higdon’s Master Sponsoring Series while it was in Beta and started seeing results immediately as I changed my entire process to incorporate questions like these.  I also learned how to handle every objection you can come up with, go ahead try me 😉 Get some rocket fuel.

What would an extra 2 reps a month mean to you? Leave a comment below to let me know

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  • mike

    December 16, 2011

    Hi Ron, great information!, one question, how many people do you talk to a week, to recruit that minimum of 1 person a week?

  • Ron Gelok

    December 16, 2011

    @mike – Hey mike great question. It is different every time but roughly i recruit 1 person for every 10 that watch my presentation. Sometimes more sometimes less. It will depend on your ability to communicate with your prospects. My ratio wasn’t at this level until after i went through ray’s course.

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