How To Standout On Facebook

Almost everyone has a facebook but how do you stand out through the all the noise? I mean we got crops to tend and mafia wars to fight lol. I got 50-100 event and group invites, who has time for that!?

All you have to do is be interesting. So do fun things and take pictures and videos about them.  This may seem very simple, but are you doing it?  Your going fishing today-document your trip, when I go skateboarding we take videos and shoot photos which I occasionally share on another blog ,

your kid game home covered in mud- picture, your going to wresstle mania, your garden is doing awesome-picture/video.  One of my favorites is when I go out to eat at a fancy place, I take a picture of my meal.  You want to be the person that people keep coming back to your profile to see what your doing.  A big part of this is called a attraction marketing and is the art of making yourself attractive to others.  Mike Dillard is thee #1 expert on this.


Misery loves company and you will get attention this way but why would you want to attract negativity to your life? Right.  No more “oh boy, another monday,” “the oil is going to ruin us,” see doesn’t that bring you down? So thats a big NO NO.

Ok Ok, Facebook Ninja Tactics

Facebook Welcome Video
Tag your new friends in a 30 second video that says hi thanks for being my friend, something about yourself, and reach out to the new friend.

Facebook Birthday Video
Everyone says happy birthday on their friend’s walls but how many people get a personal video from a friend saying happy birthday?  ZERO.

Whats beautiful about both of these videos is that other people will see them in addition to the friend you are tagging and you will get more exposure, friend requests, and increase your warm market(if you connect with them).

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  • Ray Higdon

    June 17, 2010

    Nice site bro!


  • roda

    June 17, 2010

    Great info… Thanks Ron!!!

    Take care.

  • Garth Reynolds

    June 17, 2010

    Great tips from the Facebook master!

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