How To Talk to Other Network Marketers

Let me begin by stating I feel pretty silly writing this post but I think the world needs it. Why is that when you get into network marketing you all of a sudden forget how to talk to people!? You can’t build a network marketing business unless you talk to people…the right way. This blog deals with some common issues when talking to other networkers and how you can talk to other marketers effectively.

We over complicate things, try to explain everything, continue to tell me how your product is so amazing and competitive it is, “tell me its got a great niche,” theres only 1,000 people in my company ron blah blah blah. But on the brakes for a second. hmm, wait mr. networker how did you know I was even interested? I get calls every week with people just throwing up on me whatever business they are involved in. Sound familiar?

How Do You Handle MLM Regurgitation

Someone that is throwing up on you is one of two people.
1. New to network marketing
2. Wasn’t taught how to effectively communicate their business to people ( they probably don’t think that though haha)

Both of these things are great and perfectly ok. You didn’t start riding a bike without training wheels the first day you found out what a bike was right?

Heres what I do, I wait for the person to finish talking or run out of breath.  Ask “are you done? I have seen that company before/i have heard of that co. before and I found that its just not for me, its not something I could be passionate about and what I am doing is a lot easier to promote. Thanks for thinking of me.  Do you mind if I help you out?”

Then I suggest that if you want to experience results it comes down to this.  You need to build relationships first and then see if they have an interest in working with you.  You def want a relationship first cause how do you know that your prospect would even be good for your business?  Building a relationship helps you be more human so people can do business with you, which hopefully they will know, like, and trust.  Building a relationship also allows you to prescreen your prospect so you can decide if you want to work with them.

How Do I Network with Marketers who Network for Network Marketing lol

psst I still feel very silly writing this lol.  Ok so I where I meet the most network marketers is online.  Think of social media as a big giant party.  Everyones trying to be cool and have a place in the party.  So if you were actually at a party how would you meet someone?  I introduce myself, make a compliment or ask a question.  

Pretty simple huh, now you know why I feel so silly

Want it simpler? Ok ,I ask these type of questions

How is your business going?

Hows your duplication?

Whats working for you now?

Do you build offline or online or both?

How long you been in the industry?

These are great questions because you are asking them about themselves, which is everyone’s favorite subject.  At the same time these questions are prospect qualifying questions and reveals to me how savvy a networker they are.  Of course throw in your own personal questions so you don’t sound like an MLM robot.  Have fun with this though, your just talking to other people, its only words and its not scary once you get out there.

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  • Laron

    September 4, 2010

    Thanks for these great tips Ron! This is the very issue I am having, so many people trying to recruit me into their business. I’m going to start using these tips on everyone who tells me about their business.

  • George A Lugo Jr

    September 4, 2010

    I Love It RON! That’s what I try to teach to everyone. You are absolutely RIGHT! Good post!
    George A Lugo Jr

  • Ephran Price

    September 6, 2010

    Great Ron! I’m going to tweet it. Good Post.

  • gelokron

    September 7, 2010

    thanks ephran your the man

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