How To Talk to Your Online Leads Part 1 of 2

How To Talk to Your Online
Home Business Leads (Part 1 of 2)

I remember when I first started generating leads on the Internet about 2 years ago.  I was so excited and I couldn’t believe I had 1 come through.  Do the victory dance right!?  If you have generated any leads online, congratulations! 90% of people who try internet marketing will never generate a lead.  If your on this site then I’m glad you’ve decided to not be part of that statistic.

A problem I then started to have was, “how do I talk to my online leads?”  I want to be able to help these people and now they are looking to me for guidance.  What’s important to understand is that you must be prepared and in a position to help them.  First ask yourself, “how can I help people,” & “am I prepared to be a leader for these people and am I confident I can lead them to fulfilling their dreams with home based business.”  If you are 100% sold that you can help them by having their own home based business, teaching them how to market online or offline, and supporting them to the promised land than talking to your leads is a breeze.  It becomes a matter of not what to say but instead I find myself asking “Do I want to work with this person?”  You can help anyone by getting a home based business, but also the problem is ANYONE can have a home based business because of the low barrier to entry.  So as a leader ask yourself when talking to your leads, “do i want to work with this person and will they follow me?”  Think of it kind of like an interview, you need to qualify your leads, your building a powerful downline of distributors and you are looking for the best.

ok ok so enough of my rant. Lets get into what to say to your home based business leads.

What To Say To Online Leads

I’m going to give you a"how to talk to home based business leads"script and a few lines I use everyday when talking to my online home based business leads.  What I want you to keep in mind is this, if you are new to talking to your online leads remember its kinda like talking to girls for the first time.  You were nervous at first but the more you talk to them the more comfortable you felt and sooner than you know you are perfectly in the zone.

Me: “Hey________, it’s Ron Gelok how are ya!?
Prospect: good,
Me: I noticed you came through on my site at and I was just giving you a call to see how I can help you out.
Prospect: I was looking for….or I needed help with…
“Guys right here, 99% of the time they are going to tell your right away what they are looking for. Some are looking for a way to make money or market online and in that case I refer them to My Lead System Probecause that’s where I learned. The other time is for my primary business and I am still calling them to see how I can help them out.

Your Job as a network marketer is to present information and solve problems.  But, in order for you to help people, you must sponsor them into your business.  You are going to be the one that provides value into others lives.  Find out how you can help them and what they need and provide the solution which is hopefully your business.

Other Lead Scripts To Talk To Your Home Based Business Leads

My style is to ask a lot of questions.  My sponsor Ray Higdon taught me that asking questions will reveal how you can help people.  Find out whats important to them and then show them a way they can accomplish what they want.

“Why are you open to a home based business?”

“What has recently changed in your life that has you open to a home based business?”

I look for people who want more.  Find those who are hungry, those who have more desire than excuses and you can’t help but build your home based business.

Make it an awesome one!

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  • Ryan Biddulph

    June 8, 2011

    Hi Ron,

    Super tips.

    We can only solve people’s problems if we know what their problems are. Some share this information readily, others, you must ask to get it.

    Thanks for sharing!


  • Ron Gelok

    June 8, 2011

    @Ryan Biddulph – No problem Ryan. rock it

  • Chery Schmidt

    September 6, 2012

    Great Advice Ron, Love the script.. When I first got started making calls I always let them ( My Leads) ask me the questions. You are the one who has to be in control to ask them the questions. Now when my prospects do start asking questions, I always tell them that those are very good questions and I will answer them but first I would like to know (What ever their question was, answer another question?) This really does work..
    Keep up the Good Work!
    Chery 🙂

  • Ron Gelok

    September 6, 2012

    @Chery Schmidt – you got it chery! take the reins!

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