How To Talk to Your Online Leads (Part 2 of 2)

How To Talk to Your

Online Leads (Part 2 of 2)

Knowing how to talk to your leads is a critical skill that I want you to master.  You know a silly problem I had is that I was generating tons of leads but didn’t know how to find out what they wanted so I could help them.  Today I’m going to give you a few tips on speaking to your leads and a few phrases you can say to get more from your leads.  This is actually part 2 so if you missed part 1 check out how to talk to your network marketing leads part 1.

3 Different Communicators

You kno"how to talk to mlm leads"w what I have learned is that people have different communication styles and if you can match the way they communicate your conversations are going to go smoothly and its easier to build rapport.  There are 3 different types of communicators, those who feel, those who see, and those who hear.  You can figure out which type people are by simply listening to how they talk.  If they say things like “sounds good, I like what I hear, I have to listen…” they are an auditory communicator.  I can see myself, I picture, I can vision…” they are a visual communicator.  If they are using a certain style of communication use those same words as well.  Someone that talks like I do, you know like a young adult, high energy person, im probably going to get along with them better than someone who is 70 years old and speaks slowly.  But if I am talking to a 70 year old that speaks slowly guess how I am going to talk?

This is called mirroring and matching.  Its a simple concept of speaking the same way the person you are talking to is speaking.  Ever notice how people that are having fun together have a tendency to use the same words, phrases, have same body language, or even dress the same?  For example, if someone is talking to you with their hands in their pockets I might put my hands in my pocket as well.

Next time you are in a restaurant or at a reception, look around and you will discover people who are enjoying each other’s company exhibiting similar postures, gestures and voice tonality.

Remember you are calling your leads to see how you can help them.  They reached out to you.  So by asking questions you can find out what they want and how you can help them.

For scripts on exactly what to say there is no other stronger prospecter in our industry than Todd Falcone and his little black book of scripts. Hint: Guess where part 1 came from?

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  • Denver Harris

    June 14, 2011

    I am learning from a clever mind. Thanks for sharing, Ron.

  • sherman smith

    July 8, 2011

    Hey Ron,

    Great NLP strategies you shared here. They definitely do work and you can get great results with them. Thanks for sharing!

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