How To Turn 1 No into 5 New Reps

Good morning entrepreneurs! Today we got some super secret jedi ninja recruiting tactics that is not only extremely effective but incredibly fun!  So by now I’m sure figured out that not everyone says yes to you about your network marketing business.  One thing I learned along the road was that “no” doesn’t always mean no, it just means not right now.  That doesn’t mean that you are to chase and bug your peeps though!  Lets put on a different hat today and look at your business through the eyes of the king attraction marketing, Mike Dillard.

When my prospect says no to joining my business or making extra money from home don’t ever let it phase you.  Instead turn it into a new lead!  But Ron they said no, how and why should I keep talking to them?  Just because your prospect says no to making money from doesn’t mean that they don’t know people who would be open to making some serious money.  Think about it, right now we live in a time where there is more people looking for alternative ways to make an income since the great depression; we also live in a time where network marketing has never been bigger.

So heres a conversation I regularly have…

Prospect: No its not for me I’m not interested Ron

Me: Thats cool, but who do you know that is looking to make extra money?

(two types of responses)

Prospect 1: No one, nobody i dont know anyone

( pretty ridiculous, but cool cause I don’t want to work with that person or their friends if thats their attitude you know, lol)

Prospect 2: Oh well my buddy John would be open to this

Me: Cool, whats his number?

See, thats pretty simple way to get a referral from one person who said no. Heck, while you are at it why not ask for a few people!? Now once you get a referral this is how a powerful chain reaction can get started.  Man do I get excited because I know about to have some real fun!

Heres the next step below…

See by going back to the people who gave you the referral and letting them know that their buddy is going to sign up it creates something in the mind of your original prospect.  They are now attracted to you and your business because you and their buddy are going to be working together, its the fear of loss.  Everyone wants to be part of something or have what they can’t have.  By showing them that you are willing to put their buddy on their new team you start building right away, you doubled your recruits in 1 day with a few sentences, you made twice as much money, you had twice as much fun, you helped at least two people, and you showed strong team support.

This is something that can not only be done with referrals but any leads!  You can be talking to any prospect and tell them you have some people you are going to be bringing on board and if they join now, you’ll put those people on their team.  How sick is it that they day you join a network marketing company that you have multiple people on your team on your first day!  Share this post with your team, its super simple, very duplicatable, and has zero learning curve.

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  • Nilda Kuypers

    August 20, 2010

    Excellent stuff.

  • Darin Snook

    August 21, 2010

    Excelente material.

  • Corina

    September 6, 2010

    Hey Ron!

    I’m so glad I visited your site today! I never thought of the fear of loss amongst friends and their friends. How true and powerful the sense of loosing something especially when a buddy’s jumping on board. I guess that aged old question, “Would you jump off a bridge if your friends were doing it?” If the bridge is full of debt and down below is financial freedom…HECK YEAH! Jump off and have a good time! Thanks for the insight!

    Corina Beckby
    Your LatinaPreneur

  • gelokron

    September 7, 2010

    thats awesome corina. hey ill dive in head first lol

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