How To Turn Junk Email Into New Reps

Everyday I get spammed with tons of emails.  As I grow more popular online it seems like so does my spam lol.  I kinda got tired of these people flooding my inbox pretending to be a long lost friend with a product I must try. Who does that lol!? I figured that these people were in my same shoes when I got into network marketing awhile back and I know how to help them.  These people are doing the same thing you and I are doing which is building a network marketing company.  However this email thing is probably not working for them but I can show them something that does work. But lets first identify these people.

Do these spammers look familiar…

“Please Check out this product”

“Your Friend Spammy McSpammer recommends this product”

“Hey Check this out”

“Learn to earn $1000-3000 a day”

Yep, thought so.  These are obviously amateur marketers who jump right into ramming their business/opportunity down your virtual throat.  Whats also terrible is that a lot of companies are encouraging and teaching their reps to market this way.  Its a load a crap if you ask me.  I have never heard of it working, maybe it does but I doubt it.

So these people who are sending you these messages are looking for ways to make money online or from home.  So why not connect with them!?  Heres what you do..

Step 1. Copy the email address  and/or name

Step 2. Paste it into the Facebook Search Box

Step 3. Add them as a friend and befriend them

Step 4. Show them how to actually make money in their network marketing company by pointing to them to a lead generation system or show them what is currently getting you reps.

Now not all the emails or names will work and this is not a mainstream strategy but this will get you some more leads and more leads equals more reps.  This is something I do everyday and it takes about 5 minutes.

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