How To Use Video For Network Marketing

How To Use Video For Network Marketing

Have you ever wanted to know how tHow To Use Video For Network Marketinghe leaders in your company seem to sign up a lot of people? It is almost like they have super powers!  Well they aren’t super human they just understand the concept of leverage and conversion! Why the top earners are getting conversions because they understand a few simple principles on creating high converting videos. Its a very simple set up which any body can duplicate. The best part is, you can use This Week’s Live Training to do this and crush it like top producers online.  One of the best ways to leverage yourself, your time, and your efforts is to speak to a lot of people simultaneously by using video! In today’s post I’m going to share my 4 step script for beginners to start using video for network marketing.

Video Marketing for Network Marketing

Here is my mini video training on how to use video for network marketing.

Step 1 – Introduce Yourself on Video

Step 2 – Ask a question that your target audience/market may have and say your going to answer/solve this question in today’s video

Step 3 – Content – This is where you answer the question and deliver value and content to your audience. Note how I do this in the video below step by step.  The Key to good content is to follow this Biblical principle of, Under Promise and Over Deliver. 

Step 4 – CTA – Call To Action. This is at the end of the video where you tell your viewer what to do next. Tell them to click the link, go to this website, buy a product, email you, reach out to you on Facebook, or anything else you want. Keep it simple though, I try not to give a person more than 1 CTA in a given video.  If you have a brand and tagline, ex: mine is Empowering People to Prosper, feel free to say that as well at the end of your video.

Video Marketing For Network Marketing Training Example

Posted by Ron Gelok III

Do you see how simple this video marketing for network marketing can really be? All you have to do is hold your cell phone up to your beautiful face and start this 4 step video process!  Now if you want to scale this process and get really good at it, come join me on Marketing Webinar where we will be teaching how to generate leads for your network marketing business.  Click To Get on My Free Training Webinar  

Empowering You To Prosper,

Ron Snazzy



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