I’m in a Home Based Business Now…What do I do?

I’m in a Home Based Business,

Now What do I do?

In the home based business world we are blessed to have a lot of personal and time freedom.  We are part of an industry thats more than just a insanely profitable way to make money, its a way to create a lifestyle and dream a reality!  So what do you do to make this happen?

If your new to my blog you’ll learn I’m a no BS type of guy and kinda goofy but I hope you can appreciate me telling it like it is.  There is enough hype out there, lets just get you what you wanted when you signed up for home business.

Whats going to get you paid is 2 things and only 2 things

"what gets you paid in network marketing"Thing 1

The goal in network marketing is to create a huge team of people that are moving a product thats generating commissions for themselves and for you.  I shouldn’t have to say this but the more people you can recruit the larger amount of commissions you’ll make and the faster your dream will become reality.  You are simply leveraging other peoples time and efforts to create an income for yourself just like all the fortune 500 companies except  YOU DON’T HAVE THEIR OVERHEAD, thank God!

New team members is the lifeblood of your organization.  So your time should be spent a few ways here: prospecting people for your business, doing 3 way calls with your team, and following up.  This does not mean that you hound your friends and family till they join. It means you ask people, ” are you open to working with me on a side project if it doesn’t interfere with what your currently doing?” You teach this to your team and support them by talking together to their prospects.  You need to have a set number of the amount of people you want to recruit every week.  Decide how fast you want to build and when you want your dream to become a reality.  Then set a recruitment goal and share it with your upline so he/she can hold you accountable to your own vision.

Thing 2

I usually always go for new team members first.  However, not everyone is a fit for the business or wants to do it.  Now since I have a very attractive product its not to hard sharing gold and silver with people.  But people who say no to your business you should be asking if they want any product.  Some of you are in companies that make great gift and health products that can be appealing.  For example we have very cool gifts and I used my companies product to commemorate the life of my grandfather.  I shared the link to get some forever crystals on facebook and had 3 sales from a status update…crazy.  So keep in mind that you have 2 revenues streams regardless of what company you are in.

Word of Caution

The beautiful thing about network marketing is that you are your own boss and have 100% control over your time.  The bad thing is that you have 100% of your time lol.  There are a lot of distractions online and in your house that can steal your time away.  Time is your most valuable asset and other must realize that to.  Be aware of falling victim to library mode where you just train and train and train and never get out there to prospect and recruit.  Be aware of what I like to call “ooh shinny syndrome” where you can be distracted by a lot of things going on on facebook, other people prospecting you, and the latest and greatest gadget/product launch other marketers present.  How you can avoid these pitfalls is by having a daily plan of attack and set number goals for you to hit every day.  If you do not have a daily plan of attack of how you should be operating your business every day, well lets make one for you together!  Reach out to me and lets you get you into profit if you aren’t already.

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