Is Your Network Marketing Product worth $4,000,000?? Yeah, didn't think so

So I opened my refrigerator today and I was really surprised.  I opened up my medicine cabinet and I was perplexed.  Its a sad fact that network marketing products are showing up on the shelves of Costco and Walmart.  What does that say about the company, the product, and most importantly the rep/distributor.  Now I don’t know about you but that makes me feel a little scared and anxious if I was part of that.  I’m not bashing juice or health and wellness, its just not for me.

So while other companies are downsizing, not paying their leaders, adjusting compensation plans, and having their products show up on store shelves my product couldn’t be more popular.   Just today on Yahoo news I found out that this coin is worth $4,000,000. Yeah did you count those zeros lol.  When I walk down the street or turn on the tv all I can see is “we buy gold” ” ca$h for gold” hmm why is everyone doing this?  Maybe its a smart idea, I dont know.  Its pretty cool that even the news media is helping me market haha.
My product is actual money, its real legal tender.  We are in this industry to make money, so why not market money?  I do this so I can become wealthier and with our company you become wealthier weather you bring in a single person or not.  We are creating, collecting, and preserving wealth; man isn’t that powerful, isn’t that cool?  I have such pride when someone asks me what I do, and I am able to say ” I promote Silver and Gold and show others how to do the same from home.”  Someone almost always asks me to tell them more or says “wait, what? how do you do that, what is that?”  ITS CAUSE ITS COOL!  Nobody gets paid promoting and getting free gold and silver!

We have something with

– No Competition

– Refreshing, not a me to product

– NEVER has had a bigger interest since gold rush

– Never been done before, 1st mover advantage (hmm reminds me of mary kay and amway)

– Only company has an Asset as its product

– Only Product that grows in value

– Not even 10,000 reps yet how powerful is that, knowing you can be part of this so early

– Only company that I become wealthier whether i grow the biz or not

Look, what I am doing may not be for you.  Some people are just meant to punch a clock.  Weather you are in network marketing or not its important for you to do something that will bring in residual income for you and your family.  There are too many people trading in hours for dollars and it makes me sick.  We were put on this world and given this life to be happy and live passionately and with that feeling of fulfillment.  Lets stop being content with mediocrity and do something to change your life.  If this is something that appears interesting go to my site or if you know this is for you join my team here at and click Join Now.

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