Law of Averages In Network Marketing

Law of Averages In Network Marketing

The law of averages is part of the te2 Reasons Can't Get Traction In Networkaching in network marketing that is extremely important to understand for sustained satisfaction of long term mlm duplication and growth. The concept is called S.I.N.A.L.O.A and it stands for “Safety In Numbers And the Law of Averages.” Today I’ll be delivering this training and serving up some powerful concepts that changed the way my organization grows continuously and why our reps don’t get burnt out.

Safety In Numbers – Network Marketing Training

The safety is in the numbers principle is tweaked from traditional mindset in U.S. culture. Usually this principle is applied when apply by saying, “the more of us there are saying the same thing the less likely anyone would get ___xyz___ happening to them.”

In Network marketing it simply means: “the more people you talk to the safer you are in meeting your numbers and having the the law of averages work out.” Whats great about this principle is that if your averages are not working out and you are hitting your numbers then its usually only little communication tweaks that I made that got me back on track. Would you like a free coaching call consultation for your network marketing business? Click Here to Learn More

Law Of Averages – Network Marketing Training

The law of averages in network marketing is simply, “The law of large numbers is a principle of probability according to which the frequencies of events with the same likelihood of occurrence even out, given enough trials or instances.” – This is actually the definition of “law of large numbers” in mathematics. Anyway, if you average number of recruiting is say, 20% then you should recruit every 2 out of 10 people. However, the numbers don’t workout perfect every time, sometimes you won’t reach person #1 until you have spoken to person #20, often the Law of Averages kicks in and the numbers work out evenly in the end of say out of 100-200 invites.

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