My Lead System Pro Overview and Review

My Lead System Pro Overview and Review

Today’s blog is a straight forward “My Lead System Pro overview and review.”  This is a system I have been using to grow businesses online since 2009 and I use this tool suite just about everyday.  There are 4 main elements of my review today I hope you will find valuable.  In this review I’ll show you the back office of MLSP and review each of the major components.  MLSP is simple education and marketing tool suite that is generic and can be used for any company, business, affiliate, or network marketing opportunity.  Below is a picture of the 4 elements I will be reviewing today.  Keep in mind that the purpose of a tool like MLSP is not for you to change businesses but grow your existing business and increase your flow of leads, sales, new distributors and customers.  If you have questions or enjoy today’s post please leave a comment at the bottom of this blog post.

"My Lead System Pro Overview"

My Lead System Pro Overview

  1. Blog (MLSP SITES) – This is the blogging platform. MLSP gives you your own website that you own.  The site is made through the most popular and simplest web design platform that exists today, “WordPress.”  Wordpress has the greatest functionality and ease of use that can be combined with almost every other tool, plugin, existing website and etc.  The site you are on now is made with WordPress.
  2. Funnels & Offers – This tool is where the rubber meets the road.  MLSP provides you with the ability to create your own offers, products, and make website sales funnels to sell or promote anything you like.  A lot of people make the mistake of promoting 1 offer or company that is not branded to them when they get started online. MLSP funnel builder tool allows you to promote ANY kind of company, product, or opportunity that you like.  This is crucial and why MLSP keeps their system generic!
  3. CRM & Prospects – No longer are the days of spiral bound notebooks, writing on my hands, and using my iPhone like a crazy person.  The CRM tool is rather robust, fully customizable and you can automate a lot tasks that would normally take you forever.  The CRM takes a few minutes to learn how to use by watching 1 video.  What I like about it is the ability to create tasks or reminders, email my leads and contact them through social media in addition to calling/texting them.  Now none of the leads or appointments fall through the cracks nor do I miss anything due to a busy schedule.
  4. Marketing Strategies – MLSP provides over 30 different ways to market your websites that you create.  The good news is that you only need 1 method that works and every marketing strategy that I have tried has worked for me to produce leads. MLSP has 6 categories of marketing trainings. Remember you don’t need, nor do you want, to learn all of them and you only need 1-2 strategies to run a business full time online.  The 6 areas of marketing strategies are:
    1. MLSP word-class tools & software
    2. Social Media Marketing – Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Periscope, Twitter, Pinterest, Google +…
    3. Content Marketing – blogging, articles, SEO, copywriting, webinars, keyword research…
    4. Paid Marketing – Solo ads, Pay per click marketing, pay per view marketing, running ads, youtube and Facebook ads…
    5. Prospecting and Recruiting – Sales scripts, calling your leads, prospecting strangers…
    6. Additional Strategies – These consist of Attraction marketing, mindset development, email list management, story telling for profits and more.

Here is a screen shot below of some lead flow from these past weeks"mlsp overview and review"


My Lead System Pro Review Video

I hope you enjoyed today’s post of MLSP and you get your questions answered on how the system works and what you can expect when you use the tool suite.  The best advice I was given was to take a trial and test the waters and see how comfortable or how easy things are for me to use.  I was a total newbie and barely knew how to use Facebook when I started and now I run multiple online businesses.

To learn even more about MLSP click here for more videos ==> MLSP Learn More Videos <==

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P.S. Remember to follow this, “Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all of these things shall be added unto you.” – Mathew 6:33

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