Lies of Part Time Network Marketing Building

Lies of Part Time

Network Marketing Building

"Lie of part time network marketing"There is a common misconception in network marketing when it comes to building part time.  People who have heard the 3-5 year part time building plan are going to be shocked in today’s post.  In this video I expose one of the lies about part time network marketing building and the solution.

Part Time MLM Building

Let’s put some things into perspective to start…

At a Job or traditional career the average person works what, maybe 40 years before they retire if they have a good job?  Now there is nothing wrong with having a Job and I have had plenty which have been great and some bad experiences, overall good. However, if you are a regular reader/viewer of this blog you are not the average Joe and chances are high that you are committed to leaving the Job and becoming a professional home based business entrepreneur. So with a job being a long career, building network marketing part time seems like a logical solution. However, there is a big problem with this mentality when it comes to consistently building.

Part Time Network Marketing Building Training

When recruiting part time in network marketing you have to build in phases of momentum. Momentum is only created by consistent efforts. When we recruit a group of people the tendency for most people is to take their foot off the gas and ease off, after all some commissions are coming and you’re one step closer to living the supposed beaches of the world lifestyle, right? Wrong! This is the exact time to double up on your efforts and push that pedal to the floor.

“Success Loves Speed” – Ron Gelok III

In this video I mentioned how in today’s age of the internet and social media there is no excuse or reason not to be exposing your business every day!  If you would like to learn more about recruiting with social media click here to watch my free training.  Remember that success loves speed but not at the compromise of your health or time with your family. Keep things in perspective and recognize that success is a continuous journey not a destination.  Leaving your Job is a definite milestone in the journey and I’m looking forward to hearing from you when you join the ranks of professional full time home based business entrepreneurs.

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