Many Chat Marketing

Many Chat Marketing

The way we build our list of prospects and customers has officially changed. Email marketing probably isn’t going anywhere anytime soon but it will eventually disappear. Right now a new horizon has appeared of social media list building. Why do you want to be doing this and what is it? In this blog post I’ve provided a training on what social list building is using a free tool called Many Chat.

Many Chat Marketing

Many chat is basically a Facebook Messenger marketing tool. Imagine over 80% of your prospects viewing your marketing material about your product or service! In online marketing that is unheard of! You don’t read every email that you get, I know I don’t. But you do read or open every Facebook message you get. So now we have permission based Facebook messenger marketing that is perfect for generating conversations with your ideal prospect.  Check out this video to see how I got 130 people to learn about my business and 12 sales in less than 1 week!

For more info on the workshop training we are holding please visit: Scroll down to the bottom to watch the free training and learn more how this tool works.

Here are some of my results in just one week using this strategy…

130 New Subscribers










12 New Sales





This strategy at this moment is about 2 weeks old for me and it is already working incredibly and that is why I am so quick to share it with you today.  I typically suggest sticking with a marketing strategy for 90 days consistently before evaluating if its working for you. As you can see this is working pretty darn well.  I’d love for you to be part of the workshop we are hosting to train you on this marketing tactic.  Check out the details and more training videos on this post: 

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