Mind, Speech, and Faith

Mind, Speech, and Faith

mind_faith_speechToday’s episode of Business, Bible, and Breakfast will show us how we use our mind, speech, and faith together.  We have heard of concepts of “renew your mind,” or “exercise your faith” or “do meditation.” All those things are good and the bible actually talks about it these things and how they all work together. Enjoy today’s mindset post and please leave me a comment below on this post.


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Ron Gelok

I'm a full time home based business entrepreneur. I love to meet cool people, God, Love to skateboard, go fishing, and water sports. Traveling is what I'm into and loving life. I'm here to empower ordinary people to do extraordinary things. The entrepreneurial gene runs deep inside me. I believe in abundance and taking control of my life and future.

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  • Ron Deering

    April 6, 2015

    I just love the way you are bringing the Biblical principles into our profession… couldn’t have a better blueprint… God Bless you Brother…

  • Ant Rodelli

    April 13, 2015

    Livin Lord Jesus Christ guided me to this company through Ed so I can be in your ministry!
    anyway possible way I can help please let me know
    I am so stoked to be working with you!
    I hope you don’t mind I’m a huge Paul guy
    Every word of the bible is the Spirit lead
    word of God of course
    but 2nd Timothy 2-15 notes rightly dividing the word of truth.i only follow Paul’s Grace message I remain humble
    I maintain the spirit of open mindedness
    I’m not a reformer of any sort and I am constantly working on a pleasing personality constantly
    Hope I haven’t said too much
    Peace,courage ,strength & assurance !

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