MLM Piggy Backing

What Is MLM Piggy Backing?

Piggy Backing is when you use someone else’s content, traffic, status updates, or whatever marketing someone is doing and you steal that for yourself. For example in network marketing I train to create curiosity evoking status updates. When you make one of these status updates like:

” Wow, really loving this new project I started!”

And someone comes a long and starts messaging all the people who commented on your status or even worse, posts his company.opportunity link in YOUR status in effort to steal your prospects/potential business partners.

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Can You see why I really hate this?  The good thing is that you get an opportunity to talk to the said piggy backer and give them an opportunity to really learn some marketing. I would recommend the My Lead System Pro tool for new networkers and those who have been taught this poor strategy of MLM piggybacking.

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  • clive

    December 11, 2014

    Great tip Ron, it’s all about respect of our fellow marketer! I look forward to the next post!

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