MLM Prospecting Script with Cold Leads

MLM Prospecting Script with Cold Leads

If you have ever wondered if cold mlm prospecting works, well the a

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nswer is yes and here’s how to work it.  1st understand that your warm market and warm market referrals are going to work better than finding people that don’t know you.  I don’t know about you but I prefer to do business with people I know, like, and trust.  The key to any MLM script is warming up and building raport.  More posts to come on that subject soon, today here is what to say to Cold Leads for mlm right here.

MLM Script

You: Hey _______ this is __(ron)__

I’m an entrepreneur from_______________!  The reason I’m calling is I’m expanding my business into the ______________ area.  Whenever I do this, I personally talent scout professionals such as yourself.

I found you at ______________ and I’m impressed with you. I’m wondering, would you be open to looking into a side project if it doesn’t interfere with your ___(their current business)____.

Prospect: Yes/no/ what is it (what is it, I simply tell them I train people to make an income from home with a Gold and Silver company ( you can say health and wellness company, or whatever industry your in )

Ok Great!

Just curious, why would you be open to a side project?

Ok, Im going to email you a video overview to watch?  Whats your email?

How soon can you watch it? -OR- What is a good time for us to have a follow up conversation?

MLM Prospecting

Is required if you are going to build a big organization.  There are plenty of people who generate leads and have tons of mlm traffic but don’t sponsor.  If you aren’t sponsoring while MLM prospecting and you are using scripts the problem may be lack of connection with your prospect.  Its important to be a freakin human being and connect and talk openly in addition to using mlm scripts.

For example, ever wonder why your prospect don’t return calls or answer when you scheduled to talk?  Stay tuned for the next post where I’ll be teaching how to get your prospects to call you back.  To ensure you get this, make sure your on my list and put your name and email in the top right box of this page.

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  • Chuck Holmes

    September 10, 2015

    This is a great script. I don’t do much with calling cold leads myself, but if I did I would use something similar. I think the key is to compliment them, be short and to the point, and say as little as possible. Be in a hurry, and don’t “puke” your business all over them. Get them to commit to watch a video and set a time to follow up with them before they get off the phone. Nice post. Thanks for sharing, Ron.


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