MLM Prospecting Training: Positioning and Posturing

MLM Prospecting Training:

Positioning and Posturing

Did you know you can have people asking you about your home business, wan"mlm prospecting"ting to get in, asking you what you do, and will call you and ask if you can help them make money from home?  It’s true and it all comes down to how you prospect for your MLM.  Typical network marketers are chasing, begging, and bugging people to join their business when in reality it should be the other way around! Think about what you have!? The lifestyle is here and you make an income from home, work when and where you want, with you want, no boss, freedom to travel whenever, ect ect.  Wouldn’t everyone want that!? Wait, why do people say no to you then? For more on why people say no refer to this post.

There are two things you can do to reduce this…

Prospecting Training MLM: Position

You need treat yourself like this.  You are an extremely busy powerful business man/woman with something of incredible value to give to the market place.  When you have this positioning people find this attractive.  If you have something of extreme value, people want it.  It is rare that you would get the pyramid objection while having this attitude but if you do just respond, “excuse me? did you just ask if what I do for a living is a scam?” or ” yes of course its a pyramid, absolutely.” Either way you answer, its your positioning that weighs the most.

MLM Prospecting Training: Posturing

How you carry and conduct yourself is noticable to others.  You are constantly projecting either lack or abundance.  Part of this is knowing what to say.  When you can talk to anyone and say anything you are unstoppable as a network marketing.  This confidence can be built best by practice in the field and learning from expert prospect courses like Master Sponsoring Secrets which teaches on subjects:

– How to overcome objections

– How to prospect anyone

– Answer, “Is this a pyramid?”

– How to ‘flip’ people that pitch you

– Much more on prospecting, closing, positioning, and posturing

It’s important to understand that positioning and posturing while prospecting in mlm can go along way and is not the only part of recruiting.  You will see that over time of acting this way in person and via social media people will come around to you.  This is because you are doing the opposite of what novice network marketers do.

Leave a comment below, whats your opinion on positioning and posture?

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