MLM Prospecting Training: The Follow Up Part 1

MLM Prospecting Training:

The Follow Up Part 1

You have heard people say

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before, “the money is in the follow up.”  Well this couldn’t be more true, if your not asking people to join you in business how can you grow?  Do you ever have people that just don’t answer the phone?  Ever have people ignore your calls?  All of a sudden disappear from the face of the earth once they said they would watch your video or come to your meeting?  Your not alone, an

d here is how to get those people back to keeping their word!

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Why is it that people don’t answer or disappear?  People don’t answer the phone for 2 reasons: 1. They haven’t watched the video or don’t want to, 2. Your prospect may  be afraid to tell you No or they think that you are going to talking them into something and be Mr. Super Salesmen.  Both of these reasons are disrespectful to you as a networker and as far as I am concerned its perplexing.  The reality is people have hectic lives and all kinds of things are going on and your mlm opportunity may not be a priority for them. Let me spare you some frustration with this.

Follow up MLM Prospecting Training: No Show at Meeting

People sometimes flake out right before your meeting.  Here is the perfect thing to say to real them back in while not being addicted to the outcome of them signing up; which is key posturing when building any mlm.

MLM Prospecting Script:

You: “Hey Mr Prospect!,  I just wanted to call to apologize.  I must have done a terrible job of explaining last night, we had a ton of people show up, we had such a fun time and helped a few people!  But I just wanted to give you a courtesy call.  Hey I got to prioritize my time and help the new people now so I’ll get back with you in a couple weeks.  See ya!  ‘click” ”

By having this attitude you are expressing that your meetings are of tremendous value, your not addicted to them signing up, and your building this with or without them; all of which leave your prospect feeling like they missed out and will want to come to the next meeting you have. Be sure to check out the next post Part 2 for what to say when they haven’t watched a video presentation.

Have you ever had someone not answer the phone? Let me know by commenting below

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