MLM Prospecting Training: The Follow up Part 2

MLM Prospecting Training: The Follow up Part 2

Yesterday we covered how talk to someone who has missed an opportunity meeting.  Today we will cover exactly what to say while prospecting for mlm when the prospect doesn’t answer the phone.  The goal of these voicemails is not to get the prospect to sign up, its to get a call back.

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Remember from the last post Part 1 that people are not answering because they have not watched your presentation, afraid to tell you its not for them, or afraid that your are going to super sales man power close them into the business (which hopefully no one here is doing!)

How Many Times do you Call Someone About Your Opportunity?

While mlm prospecting you may want to know how many times do you call a prospect before moving on.  I will call someone a total of 3 times before moving on.

These are network marketing voice mails for following up.

Day 1: “Hey _______, its 10:40 we are supposed to talk at this time, give me a call at your earliest convenience, got a pretty busy day so will talk later.”

You can expect 10% of people to call you back.

Day 2: “(24 hours later) Hey _______, we were supposed to talk yesterday, just wanna make sure you’re ok.  If you like the business or not either way is ok, just call me and let me know your ok, my number is”

You can expect 10% of people to call you back

Day 4: “(72 hours later) Hey _______, we wer supposed to talk a couple days ago, clearly this is not a fit for you, I’ll never call you again with this and I’ll take you off my list, I wish you the very best that life has to offer.”

This last voicemail is where you will get probably 80-90% of people that actually do call you back.  Not 80-90% of people will call you back maybe 20% or people you prospect will actually call you back.  MLM Prospecting scripts are done best when you are warm and friendly.  These voice mails are not the end all be all of voice mails for mlm but they work pretty darn well! If you missed part 1 check it out here.

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