MLM Prospecting Training: The Follow up Part 3

MLM Prospecting Training:

The Follow up Part 3

Today is our mlm prospecting training day of talking about how to follow up with p

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eople and bring them on board into the business.  Part 1 and Part 2 went over what to do when people won’t answer the phone or return your call.  Everyone knows that the money is made in the follow up but if your having a hard time getting your prospects on the phone check out the 2 posts in this series.

Ok now that you know how to get calls back and get people

MLM Prospecting Scripts: Closing

The best way to get anyone to buy anything is to let themselves talk themselves into it.  Your job is not to be a salesman but sharer, you share information and help someone feel that they can do the business.  Here is our my mlm prospecting script goes:

4 Killer Questions To Recruit  Anyone into MLM

1. Did you watch the presentation

2. What did you like best about what you saw ( these are phrases to get them to talk about your mlm opportunity more)

– tell me more about that

– oh wow, what else did you like

– thats exactly what I like to! What else excites you about this?

3.  Just curious, who would be the first 2 people you share this business with?

– Ok great, what does prospect 1 and 2 do for a living?

– Ok, do they know a lot of people and could do well with this?

– Do you think they know other people in the same field that would be open to this?

4. Wow Mr prospect, you know what, sounds like you are ready to get started!?

( after question 4 just say silent, don’t say anything, it may feel like an eternity but don’t speak until they say something)

If they have questions, the best thing to do is to say: “you know what thats a great questions, can you hold on one second?” and you call your upline and get them on a 3way call.

In this post you learned exactly exactly exactly what I say to sign people up into my primary business. If you want to learn more on recruiting and know exactly what to say. I would download my Free Recruiting PDF that contains the exact scripts I’ve used to sponsor 130+ reps. Click Here for Direct Sales PDF Download

Do you have other ways to close prospects? Leave me a comment below to let me know.

Ron Gelok

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