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MLM Sponsoring Tip – Addiction To The Outcome

One of the most powerful mlm sponsoring tips I can share with you is about people’s addiction to the outcome. What do I mean? An addiction to the outcome means you have an emotional tie to the result of whether a prospect joins, says no, succeeds, or quits your network marketing company.  Now its important to feel great and be happy when someone is succeed and empathize with those who aren’t as you redirect them, by pointing, guiding, and directing, to where they can get their questions answered from the existing company resources or your own team training site.

MLM Sponsoring Tip

My Friend Rebecca Jeffery shared a great analogy for this network marketing tip in our Facebook Mastermind Group.  She has grasped this sponsoring tactic and mlm sponsoring tip really well early on in her career which is leading her to become a powerful recruiter. I had to do a short interview with her and have her share the story again.  It’s so simple yet so powerful.  Be free from the addiction to the outcome and prospect like a waitress! Enjoy this Video Interview!

MLM Sponsoring Tip Video with Rebecca Jeffery

Now you seen what I mean when I say, “prospect like a waitress!?” When you are free from the addiction to the outcome and what other’s think of you, you will naturally turn into a prospecting and recruiting monster provided that you have found great training.  The overwhelming majority of recruiting skills and sponsoring tips I have learned has come from a course I got a couple years ago called Magnetic Sponsoring Series from my friend Ray Higdon.

What was your biggest take away, lesson, or thought on this interview? Leave a comment below  about MLM Sponsoring Tips to let us know…

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