Mondays Don’t Have to Suck, or Do They?

Mondays Don’t Have to Suck,
or Do They?

Happy Monday all.  I had to share this in an effort to bring you up on a monday morning!  I was speaking with this guy on facebook this morning and something stiked me as odd.  This guy was a normal guy but he had such a hatred for going into work today.  It wasn’t like he was bad at his job it was just that he let his environment dictate his attitude.  What you allow into you mind will control you.  I do something everyday to help me have a great attitude for the day.  It may be kind of basic or seem silly but its an unconscious command to yourself.  See what I mean in this video below.

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  • Soumangue

    August 1, 2011

    Excellent excellent training Ron! Very duplicatable and easy to do. See you soon in Tampa bro!

  • Ken McDaniel

    August 12, 2011

    Ron, thanks for this great training! I made my first post rite after watching this and within 10 minutes had my first lead! Simplicity at it’s best!

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