Network Marketing Daily Routine

Network Marketing Daily Routine

Have you ever wanted the perfect network marketing daily routine? This would consist of exactly how you spend the time you have in your business, how many people to talk to per day, where to get leads, and also who not to spend your time with.  In today’s post I’m going to share my personal daily routine for home business that has helped me and many others stay disciplined and consistent to grow our businesses.  It may very a little bit for you depending on the time you have so I’ll share the minimum level of activity a part time professional networker should spend in their business.

Network Marketing Daily Routine

"Daily Routine For Network Marketing"

Speaking at Industry Event, “Live The Dream”

How should I spend my time in my home based business?  Everyone starts in this industry part time and hopefully the goal is to replace an income stream and generate some more time freedom. To begin figure out how many working hours you have in a week. Once you know the number of hours you have decided to work each week split up your time by following my 70/20/10 model.  You will divide your time into 3 sections.  The video below teaches this more in depth.

I should have included these first 3 steps to take in this post but these are the first steps I try to take on a daily basis no matter how long I’ve been in business. Click Here To Learn the 3 Steps of a Christian Entrepreneur in Starting a Home Business.

70/20/10 Daily MLM Routine

70% – This is the amount of your working time you spend prospecting, recruiting, 3 way calls, conducting presentations and meetings, hosting live webinars, conference calls, and other income producing activities. You are in major action here.

20% – This is the amount of time you spend implementing and learning passive marketing to generate more leads/people to talk to for the 70% of your time.  The best way to generate leads and what has lead to me generating a full time income in our industry is using the tools from a system called My Lead System Pro which teaches new network marketers and people that have zero technical computer skills how to generate leads online. I will encourage to not spend all your time learning and be sure to get to marketing. Don’t get caught in the “everything must be perfect trap” or you may never get to the 70%.

10% – This is your personal development and mindset time; which is the most valuable part of your time. Do not skip this at all! The person who feels they don’t need personal development is ironically the networker who needs it the most.  For me the best I take this time first thing in the morning and listen to some pastors on youtube and or read my Bible. Your other option is to make your car into a mobile personal development library. You may want to invest in an audible account or subscribe to my podcast for Christian Network Marketers.

Daily Routine for Network Marketing

How many people should I talk to on a daily basis?  The video below goes more into this.  One of my trainers I followed, Mark Yarnel, said,

“If you want to make 6 figures in network marketing in 1 years time, talk to 20 people a day everyday.” – Mark Yarnel, author of “Your First Year In Network Marketing”

Part Time Network Marketing –

"Daily Routine MLM"

Get Your Routine Down So You Can Spend Time With The People You Love

If you a part time professional the minimum level of activity you should have is 5 exposures to the business per day. This means 5 people are seeing the plan per day.  You also need to be making new contacts on a daily basis, the easiest way I have found to do this is my connecting with people on Facebook. If you enter your email at the top right of this page you’ll get a free video that shares my daily routine for network marketing on Facebook which shows exactly how I meet people and have sponsored 300+ people into network marketing from this one website alone.

Full Time Network Marketing – If you are in heavy building mode I believe you should be making 20 connections per day with people.  A minimum of 10 presentations a day as well.  One of the highest and most effective uses of my time has been to practice online marketing and generate leads who have ALREADY seen my presentation and know me.  The power of building relationships online is very underrated due to the existing success of traditional network marketing.  To learn more about getting 10+ exposures per day in networking marketing I suggest looking into My Lead System Pro.

To talk to 30 People a Day this is a list of activities and time allocation you can have (scroll to the bottom) – Click Here For Daily MLM Routine To Talk to 30 People Daily

Daily Network Marketing Routine Training

The video above also share who NOT To Spend Your Time With.  There are 2 types of people who will rob you of your time and energy and for weaker networkers will produce self sabotage.

“Go where your time is earned, not where people think it’s deserved.” – Ron Gelok III

The good and bad thing about the network marketing industry is that you don’t have to punch a clock on a regular schedule, you can’t really get fired, and you don’t have a boss telling you what to do.  You have now moved from employee to business owner and with that new responsibility comes new demands for excellence and daily disciplines.  Today’s post will empower any networker to develop a daily network marketing routine and see results in their business IF they take daily consistent action.

Empowering You To Prosper,

"Ron Gelok"


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