No MLM Experience, Colorado Skateboarder Closes 75% and Moves UP Two Ranks!!!

When it comes to making serious money in MLM you have to be simple and duplicatable.  This business works, I have seen it my life, my team’s life, and a lot of my friends.  But we tend to over complicate stuff.  “I don’t want to talk to my warm market so ill just learn to generate leads online.”  My guess is that that isn’t working out like you planned.  “My brother and best friend said they aren’t into my business, it must be a bad idea.”  Have you had that thought pop up in your noggin before?  Todays post is about a man that  stepped out of his comfort zone, made a commitment, didn’t care what others thought, just believed in himself and in the system.

Garth Reynolds is a good friend of mine and just started killin it in Network Marketing. Garth has been in the industry for several months and has seen minimal results.  Then something clicked for him.  No he didn’t buy a staples easy button.  He made a commitment that he was going to make it work and followed the system.  See most companies have a simple duplicatable system that works.  Garth followed the system and did his first home meeting and brough on 75% of his guests. WOW

How did he do it?  Well hear it from him

Listen closely to how Garth Actually signs up people, before his event. He instantly makes what he does duplicatable by launching the same thing with each of his new team members.

You can either meet Garth Reynolds and find out what he is doing, or you can sit back and watch it happen.  Connect with garth on his blog at

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  • Todd Miller

    September 25, 2010

    Great video with Garth. Even though some people do not like doing the home meetings you cannot dispute the fact that they have a high percentage of success!

  • gelokron

    September 26, 2010

    Hey Todd, some people have a bad taste about home meetings. Mostly because they were not done properly. As you can see my garth’s example we show you how to do them the right way. Bottom line is that they work and are very easy to duplicate.

  • Margarette Baynham

    October 29, 2010

    Ron What a great post! I really dig this one! Im going to apply this right away to my business, thanks for your leadership!

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